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Cum Covered Cuck
« on: August 18, 2013, 04:42:46 AM »
 Cum Covered Cuck
Caseys's and her boyfriend have been out on the town. They fucked in the bathroom of each night club they went to. Casey has been collecting a pussy full of cum for her chastity cuck, who is waiting at home. Casey has ordered the cuck to be at her beside when she returns home with her well hung boyfriend. Nothing turns Casey on more than humiliating her cuck while she enjoys a big dick. Casey arrives home and sits on her cuck's face. She instructs her cuck to clean all of her stud's cum out of her pussy. She smiles, knowing her cuck has multiple loads to clean up. Then she takes down her stud's pants and shows her cuck the huge cock she is going to enjoy. She sucks her boyfriend's dick as she watch's her cuck squirm. Her cuck as has been locked in a chastity device for weeks. Casey is so cruel. She is getting off on putting her cuck in his lowly place. Casey gets a mouth full of precum and spits it into her cucks mouth. When Casey makes the big cock cum, she holds it in her mouth and then showers her cuck's face with it. Casey' cuck is covered in her lover's cum as his own dicklet is locked into a chastity device. Oh, Casey loves it. Owning a cuck is so much fun



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