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Author Topic: Step Mom Cruel Punishments PT 5  (Read 992 times)

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Step Mom Cruel Punishments PT 5
« on: August 18, 2013, 04:41:21 AM »
Title: Step Mom Cruel Punishments PT 5




Duration: 00:06:14
File size: 96 Mb
Format: wmv

Holly Cant believe how hard Cameron's best friends Alex cock is. It must be from all that male testosterone. Holly has Cameron sitting at the edge of the bed naked in his pink collar. Holly makes Cameron get onto the bed so he can see what a real cock looks like. Holly lets Cameron know he will never be able to get a girl with that tiny cock so today mommy is going to teach him to be a blowjob whore. You can see the obvious distress in Cameron's face but holly still makes him beg to suck on his best friends cock. Holly instructs Cameron to wrap his lips around Alex's big cock and suck it like a whore. Cameron deep throats his friends cock just as mommy tells him to. Holly can see Alexis is about to cum so she forces Cameron off the bed and onto his knees. Alex the proceeds to give Cameron a facial. Alexis chuckles as he is painting Cameron's face with cum. Holly tells Alex know one said he can laugh and since he thinks this is so funny he can lick up all of his own cum off Cameron's face. Holly grabs Alex's collar and forces him lick up all of his own white goo. After Alexis is done cleaning Carmon's face with his tongue Holly makes Cameron tell her what a good cock sucking whore he is now.

Featured Model(s): Holly Halston
Categories: Forced bi



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