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Author Topic: Filefactory file sharing.  (Read 1443 times)

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Filefactory file sharing.
« on: March 17, 2012, 10:22:06 AM »
As a free user of Filefactory, I have experienced nothing but problems with the site.

Firstly, in Europe, I was unable to download most of the time as "all download slots for my country were being utilised."

Once I got to do a download, it was the slowest I have ever had from any file sharing program. I even registered a free account, but it made no difference of any kind to the service despite the advertising.

I have often taken out a premium account with Rapidshare, as I need this periodically, but then their service is fast and without all sorts of hurdles preventing you from getting things done.

Your advertising says that this gets better with premium. It certainly can't get worse - it is just a question of how much better?

When downloading a file, the download manager indicates a reasonable download speed which should complete the process in an hour or so. In fact, it can take up to 5 hours, and sometimes cuts out altogether so that one has to restart.

I fail to have any confidence in a site that fucks around its free users to such an extent in the hope of getting them to pay for an account and am not convinced in any way that your service can possibly be that much better. It seems like a pretty frontpage with nothing to back it up behind.

Besides this, the support email on the site is invalid and you cannot type more than a few words into the Questions box.

Sorry for saying this, but I am rather frustrated by companies that promise the world and deliver zilch.

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Re: Filefactory file sharing.
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2012, 04:29:07 PM » such a special situation there is a filehost for hosting files that is lucky,we know that not all filehosts are not well enough but indeed posters can host files on their server so that visitors can download.I suggest that if you can't download from filefactory you can concact the poster to ask if he can upload a better filehost for yourself,or just ignore filefactory links,download other files.

Hope that can help you

SFF Admin


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