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Author Topic: Topgrl - To Bed - Lorna , Sister Dee - January 17, 2011  (Read 1195 times)

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To Bed | Lorna | Sister Dee
January 17, 2011

Being polite will not save Lorna from her fate. No amount of begging is going to make Sister Dee take pity on her. Lorna wanted to serve. She wanted to do right for this sensual woman who has taken possession of her. That is what Lorna wants. All Sister Dee wants is to watch her squirm, hear her scream and make her cum. 

pictures - 42.0 Mb



lorna--01_17lorna--topgrl_HDmp4.mp4 - 614.0 Mb



lorna--01_17lorna--topgrl_HDwmv.wmv - 804.2 Mb

TG - Jan 17, 2011 - Lorna , Sister Dee



http://www.*off line*/file/60047333/TG_0117lorna.part1.rar

http://www.*off line*/file/60047191/TG_0117lorna.part2.rar

very good, thanksT0PGRL Jan 17, 2011 - Lorna, Sister Dee (PICS, HD)

size: 613mb | time: 55min | resolution: 1280x720 | format: mp4 | pics: included




http://www.*off line*/file/60343679

http://www.*off line*/file/60343681


http://www.*off line*/file/60298478
To Bed Lorna Sister Dee



wmv |1280x720 | 613 Mb | 00:54:37

very good, thanksKarma+ many Thanks 

Thanks for uploading


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