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Tina's Terrible End
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:19:25 AM »
What can happen when you mix with the wrong crowd....

Tina, 18 yrs, had been one of the most promising pupils in 6th form. Intelligent, good-looking and popular. However, since she began going out with Kyle, a drug-dealer who lived in the nearby housing estate, she’d gone off the rails.

Tina had always gone for the slightly off-beat look; a bit of a ‘Goth’ – dyed black hair, eye-shadow and a couple of tattoos to pi$$ off the folks. However, her recent drug-taking (regular tokes and the occasional ‘e’s) saw her behaviour deteriorate. Excluded from school, she began hanging around with other dodgy youths in the shopping precincts - shoplifting, intimidating the general public and bullying her better-behaved peers. She’d also become ‘good to the boys’. Like, Kyle was her main man, but Tina was gaining a reputation for spreading her legs at any opportunity. Rumour was, she’d even been screwing around with a couple of her teachers.

That final afternoon, Tina – although now allowed back – bunked off school. She met up with Kyle and a few of his friends. They loitered about town for a while before she and Kyle made their way to the nearby woods. The pair found a secluded spot and skinned up a couple of joints.

Kyle gazed at his little minx. A school uniform should never look as sexy as that, he thought. Tina wasn’t wearing a bra and her pale blue blouse struggled to contain her breasts. Her school tie identified her as a pupil at the local high school; her almost indecently short skirt and exposed midriff identified her as something else altogether! Her hair though, that gave her a certain style, marking her above the usual level of dirty teenage slut. Long luscious jet-black hair, albeit dyed, bunched in two huge pony-tails with a large flow down her back. Beautiful.

Tina, horny as ever, proceeded to suck-off Kyle. Tina was, by now, well versed in the skills of pleasuring men orally. Kyle smirked and playfully flung his girlfriend down onto her back. Tina obliged, raised her skirt, pulled her stockings down and parted her legs. Kyle eased himself into Tina’s welcoming cunt and fucked the young slut for all she was worth.

Afterwards, Kyle walked Tina towards home. They parted some hundred yards or so away from her home as Kyle had some ‘business’ to finish off in town. Tina walked the rest of the way home, alone. Or so she thought.

It was just after 4pm. The house was empty as Tina arrived home – her mum didn’t finish work until after 5, and her dad was rarely home before 7.

Tina made her way up to her bedroom. She threw herself down onto her bed and switched on her stereo. A compilation CD played – a mixture of Slipknot, Cradle of Filth, some other Gothic/Industrial/Nu Metal sh!t, and of course, Marilyn bloody Manson. Being a stroppy little cow who couldn’t give a f**k about anyone, Tina always played her sounds at full volume. Neighbours? Ah, f**k ‘em!

The front door lock was discretely picked open. No-one outside would have paid much, if any, attention to the relatively nondescript figure at the front door. And, he was only there for seconds before he got the door open and entered. Tina, half-stoned and engrossed in her blaring music, never heard a thing as she lay on her bed.

He approached Tina’s bedroom door. Only slightly ajar, he could nevertheless see Tina lying on top of her bed. She seemed to have eyes closed; actually, she was reminiscing about her earlier shag with Kyle. This was going to be easy.

Knife at hand, he rushed into the room and overpowered the hapless Tina before she knew what was happening. A cold glare, a hissed threat and a knife held at her throat – Tina knew she was helpless. She was flung onto her front, lying on her stomach, and her arms tugged behind her. A rope was swiftly tied around her wrists. She weakly tried to resist but the knife was pressed into the back of her neck. She couldn’t resist.

He turned her back round again. This was going to be good.

He grabbed the hem at the front of her skirt and rolled it up. Tina wore stockings, but no panties. He could almost see her bush quiver as he leered at her. But that was for later. For now this little slut was going to suck cock.

He leant over Tina and pulled his trousers down. His now erect cock protruded menacingly from his briefs. He grabbed her left pony-tail and pulled her head up against his crotch. The merciless stare told Tina what she had to do. Open wide.

For some minutes, Tina sucked her assailant’s cock. Anytime she eased up, he ordered her to suck harder. She was clearly shocked and terrified - but boy, she sucked – and she sucked good.

Tina became aware of a second male in the room. She couldn’t make him out clearly, as she turned to look her head was twisted back roughly into the first male’s crotch. But she did notice one thing. The bastard had a mobile phone with him, and appeared to be taking pictures.

A wad of sticky cum spewed into Tina’s mouth. “Urrghh…”.

Tina was thrown onto her back. She was helpless as her skirt was pulled up and her assailant shoved his cock into her pussy. She closed her eyes as he rammed into her. He didn't take long though.

The second male came into sight now. He screwed his face up at his companion, making a wiping gesture to his mouth. The first male rubbed the excess cum from Tina’s mouth. Then he grabbed by the scruff of her blouse and the hands that were tied at her back. She now saw that the other male had been doing more than taking photos. Her clothes drawers had been rifled and one of her belts taken out. The bedroom ceiling consisted of panels supported on a metal grid. And the belt was tied at one end over a section of the grid. The other end of the belt was looped round on it’s buckle. In a noose.

Poor Tina was face up against her means of execution before she realised what the men intended. She screamed as her head was thrust through the lower end of the looped belt. But her screaming was in vain. The stereo was at full volume and her screaming was cut short as, noosed up, she was let go. The belt took her full weight and her screams were silenced to mere gurgles in an instant. The metal suspension grid above creaked and bucked slightly as Tina swung. But, despite her struggles, it remained intact and maintained her weight.

Tina’s legs were kicking wildly, her stockings sliding down. The makeshift noose was tightening. Her arse was now bare, and with her body in spasm; the second male couldn’t resist. It was now his turn to enjoy the shapely teenager.

He pulled her body into him, her backside into his crotch. He edged his cock between her cheeks and up into her ass, pulling her jerking body further into him. He gripped the helpless Tina tight as he began thrusting frantically. He felt her anus grasp tightly onto his cock. Tina felt agony, but at least whilst she was being ass-fucked there was less strain on her neck.

He came. He pulled out of Tina’s ass and let her go. She jerked and spasmed frenziedly. Saliva dribbling out of her mouth, her eyes rolling and bulging. As the moments passed though, her struggling lessened. After about 5 minutes only the occasional twitch could be observed. After a further 5 minutes, Tina was still, motionless, lifeless.

The second male waited a while, to catch his breath. His companion had already left. Only now did he appreciate the full beauty of Tina, as she swayed lifelessly from the ceiling. Pretty with luscious dark hair. Shapely – a crackin’ set of tits on her and now he could see that her left breast had slipped out. Sexy legs too.

He eased his cock back into his trousers and boxer shorts, and took another photo.

Kyle’s phone rang some minutes later. A text message accompanied by some photo files.

“Pay up by end of week – or you will be next”

Kyle smirked. Those dumb-ass Albanians he occasionally did business with were always threatening this, that or the next thing. He did owe them nearly £20K, but he would pay that in his own time. Then he saw the photos. Tina’s violation – in all it’s glory – the forced blow-job, the lynching, and the [email protected] as she hung. Climaxed, by a photo of her lifeless corpse dangling from her bedroom ceiling.

“Fuck!” he gasped in horror.

"Hiiiiyyyee Kyle" a voice squealed at Kyle from behind. It was Charlee. 16 yrs old and recently expelled from school. One of Kyle’s newer ‘clients’. Kyle squinted at her briefly as he regained his composure.

“Er, Hi” Kyle grunted, “Hey, babe – doing anything tonight?”

“What about Tina?” asked Charlee. “Tina? Who cares, she’ll just be hanging around somewhere. You’re my babe, anyway - about tonight, why don’t we….”

The pair walked away.....

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