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Author Topic: Nun for Me - Impalement and Other Delights  (Read 1836 times)

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Nun for Me - Impalement and Other Delights
« on: March 25, 2009, 03:45:20 AM »
Sister Mary Catherine stared out the window at the passing scenery as the bus bounced along the bumpy road. She and three other nuns had been chosen to take fourteen novices on a retreat to an abandoned monastery a few miles across the border, the same place their retreats had been held every year. The previous year Mary Catherine and the other three had been among the novices but now they were going to conduct the week-long retreat. She was troubled though. Shortly before they left, the southern part of the country had erupted into civil war and there had been reports that the violence was quickly spreading northward. Their bus driver Luis had assured the young women that they would be perfectly safe because no one would dare abvse a nun, and even though Mary Catherine and some of the others had voiced reservations about it, it wasn’t their place to argue, and they certainly couldn’t refuse to go. Now, as the bus continued down the dusty road she found herself wishing that Luis hadn’t been so sure of himself.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the realization that the bus was slowing down, and in fact stopping. She rose from her seat to try and see the reason for it but her view was blocked by half a dozen others who were doing the same thing. As the bus sat motionless in the middle of the road, she peered down the center aisle to see Luis reach over and pull the door release. A moment later two armed men dressed in army fatigues boarded the bus and all conversation fell silent. The taller of the two men looked very unfriendly and shouted, “Everyone off the bus! Everyone out!”

Mary Catherine glanced across the aisle at Sister Angela who had been her closest friend since they were in grade school. Angela whispered, “They’re probably just checking everyone’s identification. We’ll be on our way again before long.” Mary Catherine hoped she was right.

The nuns waited until all the novices had moved forward before getting out of their seats and following them outside. Mary Catherine was the last to step off the bus and she was surprised to see that the others had been lined up against its side, with an armed soldier facing each woman. The tall man motioned for her to take her place with the others so she did as he directed and waited for an explanation as to why they had been stopped. She wasn’t prepared for what he said next.

“All of you…take off your clothes!”

Loud gasps and cries of indignation and fear filled the air as the young women stared at him in disbelief. Only when raised rifles were pointed at them did they begin to remove their clothing, letting each piece fall to the ground. Within a couple minutes all eighteen women were clad only in their bras and panties and trying to cover themselves with their arms and hands.

“Take everything off unless you wish to have my men do it for you!”

Now most of the novices were crying as they removed their final garments. The soldiers grinned and some made lewd remarks about the physical attributes of a novice with large breasts as Mary Catherine and the other nuns stood naked against the bus.

When all the women had completely disrobed the tall man shouted, “Turn around and face the bus!”

The women turned to face the bus and some of the soldiers stepped forward with pieces of rope, going down the line and tying each woman’s wrists securely behind her back. After the last one had been tied, the tall man lit a cigarette and said to his men, “Okay, if you’re going to fuck them, do it now!”

Soldiers rushed forward and grabbed at the women, sometimes two or three men pulling at the same screaming woman. A few were [email protected] on the roadway but most were taken into the grass a few feet off the road and roughly thrown to the ground as a soldier unbuttoned his pants and knelt between her legs. Screams echoed off the nearby trees as one man after another pumped semen into the young women. Mary Catherine tightly closed her eyes as she felt a sweating man’s penis ram into her vagina, rocking her body with its savage thrusts. As he ejaculated she opened her eyes and looked to her left where she saw Angela on her knees with a soldier’s penis in her mouth. She stared as semen began to appear around her friend’s lips, and then could watch no more. Looking in the opposite direction, she saw a man walking a novice like a wheelbarrow, holding on to her legs, with his enormous penis buried in her vagina. She closed her eyes again.

When it was over the tall man motioned down the road and yelled, “All right, start walking!” As the women struggled to their feet soldiers positioned themselves on both sides of the road, keeping a close eye on their captives. Trees lined each side of the road and Mary Catherine noticed that many smaller ones had been cut down. The women were marched for almost a mile naked and barefoot until they came to the end of the trees. Here they stopped and Mary Catherine was surprised to see what looked like the beginning of some type of fence just off the shoulder of each side of the road, but she couldn’t imagine what kind of fencepost would have such pointed ends. There was also a fork lift parked nearby with some type of platform covering the forks and an open area in the middle. She wondered for a moment where the workmen were but her attention was diverted to the tall man who was talking to a group of soldiers.

The women stood nervously waiting to see what would happen next, some of them softly crying while others were fighting back tears and praying. Finally the men who had been talking to the tall man began walking toward the fork lift. One got in the operator’s seat and started the engine while three more climbed onto the platform. Another man walked over to one of the posts and waited while the forklift approached the women. It stopped just short of the first woman in the front of the line and some men on the ground grabbed her and pushed her onto the platform, which the operator immediately raised into the air. Two of the men on the platform were now kneeling and holding onto the woman’s ankles, holding her legs widely apart, while the third man stood behind her and gripped her arms. Mary Catherine was startled to see that it was her friend Angela. She stared as the forklift slowly positioned Angela over one of the posts and began to slowly lower her onto the pointed end. On the ground, a man was directing them as he reached up and used his fingers to guide her vagina onto the point.

“My God!” Mary Catherine screamed. “They’re going to impale us!”

The women became hysterical, screaming and pleading, but even their combined sound couldn’t drown out the almost inhuman scream that came from Angela’s lips as the stake entered her vaginal canal. At a signal from the man on the ground, the platform was abruptly dropped a couple feet, firmly impaling the unfortunate woman who was now kicking and ceasing to scream only long enough to catch her breath. Then without hesitation, the forklift went back for its next victim. This time it was one of the novices, a small blonde with delicate features.

She was virtually lifted onto the platform and as the three men positioned themselves to hold her captive the forklift rolled to the next stake, repeating what it had done a few minutes earlier. The girl begged and pleaded, even offering to give the men blow jobs, which caused them to tell the forklift operator to stop. They released the girl and told her to kneel, which she promptly did. One of the men pulled out his penis and she took it into her mouth, massaging it with her lips until it exploded with semen, pumping massive spurts into her throat. As soon as he was finished, another man took his place, followed by the third man. He buttoned his pants and they pulled her to her feet, then with the man on the ground guiding them, they impaled her.

As the third woman was being loaded onto the platform, a Jeep approached and stopped next to the tall man. He conversed briefly with the driver, and then lifted a box from the passenger seat and carried it to the side of the road and set it down. He then motioned a group of soldiers to join him and after a short conversation they returned to the women and grabbed Mary Catherine who they took to the nearest tree. They tied her upside down to the trunk, with her head resting on the ground and her legs bent around the tree, held in place with rope. Then they returned to the assembled women and selected a pretty novice who they took to the next tree and tied likewise. Within fifteen minutes six of the women had been tied upside down on the trees, with their legs wrapped around the trunk and their vaginas exposed. Their crying and begging only brought grins from the men who were anxious to do what came next.

One of the men went to the box and removed six road flares, which he passed out to the other men. Together they ignited the flares and each man approached one of the women, who upon seeing the burning flares began to thrash and scream in anticipation of what was going to happen to them. Each man knelt and touched the burning flare to the nipples of the woman in front of him, filling the air with a symphony of screaming. Then they rammed the burning magnesium into each woman’s vagina and stepped back to watch her shriek and scream in agony. By the time they returned to the other women, another eight had been impaled, leaving only one nun, a slender brunette who was giving a forced blow job to the tall man. As he finished, he said to the men, “Impale her and cut off her tits!”

They dragged her to the forklift and pushed her onto the platform, and then held her in place as it carried them to the last stake. One of the men was fondling her breasts as she was being lowered onto the stake. Then, like with the others, the platform suddenly dropped, impaling her. The scream had barely left her mouth when a knife sliced through her right breast, severing it. It was quickly followed by the removal of her left breast, leaving her screaming in pain like she had never imagined could be possible. The forklift backed away and one of the men pointed to the small blonde who was staring blankly with dazed eyes. It pulled close enough for the man to grab her breasts and slice them off too. Then they moved down the line, cutting the breasts off each woman who still showed signs of life. When they finished, most of them had felt the knives.

“Let’s go,” shouted the tall man. “When someone comes looking for them, they won’t have trouble finding them!”

The soldiers boarded the bus, some pausing to thank Luis for letting them know he would be bringing a group of young novices and nuns. Within minutes the only sound was the whimpering and moaning of the women, punctuated by an occasional scream.

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