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Author Topic: "The Birthday Gift" (hanging, cons)  (Read 2276 times)

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"The Birthday Gift" (hanging, cons)
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:19:49 AM »
"The Birthday Gift"

Henry could hardly wait to get home that night. It was his birthday, so it sucked to have to work on it. But his girlfriend Abby had given him the dirtiest phone call of his life during his last break. He was hoping she had some interesting plans for the evening.

When he got home she greeted him wearing his favorite teddy, the one that left her boobs out and has the tiniest g-string he had ever seen. She gave him a glass of his favorite wine and said "cheers" and they drank. Then she said "I've got your birthday present in the guest room.

She lead him to the room. There were candles and pillows all around. But the middle of the room had the surprise. It was Abby's best friend Megan, standing nude, up on her tiptoes, on a low stool with a noose around her neck!

Abby knew that Henry had the hots for her best friend. Abby also knew that Megan shared the total hanging fantasies that drove Henry and Abby wild. Megan was willing to give her all, to fulfill everybody's fantasies including her own.
" So what do you think Henry? Are you ready to watch me hang to death?" asked Megan.
"I'm speechless, thanks girls, its the greatest gift ever!" said Henry.

"Well Henry" said Abby "I want you to take me in the ass while Megan does her last dance for us."
"Not a problem" said Henry. pulling off his pants and getting out some lube.
"Wow, very eager "said Megan
"That's for sure" said Abby "You two ready?"
Henry responded by grabbing Abby and sinking his cock into her ass. She let out a shriek, but warmed up to it after a little while. Henry ripped the teddy off of Abby.

Abby then picked up a rope attached to one of the legs of the stool under Megan. Megan was panting for breath and was beginning to sweat. She was rubbing herself. "Bye, Megan". Then she pulled hard.

Megan dropped a few inches after the stool disappeared from under her feet. She was hanging in her noose! Her toes were just inches off the floor. Her legs stretched towards the ground she wouldn't touch again. She made gasping sounds, but she was still rubbing her pussy furiously. Henry pumped Abby hard while both of them watched the noose take Megan. Megan began to kick. The dance of death.

Megan seemed to have tons of energy. She continued to kick and finger herself. She came again and again. So did Abby and Henry. Megan had a huge smile of satisfaction on it. Ten, fifteen minutes passed. Finally Megan shuddered and then hung limp.

"Wow, that was incredible!" said Henry
It was pretty hot, to watch her dance, but your gift isn't quite done yet. Come with me" said Abby. She lead him to their bedroom, she opened the door, and Henry saw,,, another noose.

"Hang me Henry,, put me in the noose and hang me til I'm dead! Please Henry." gasped Abby.
"Really Abby? Is that what you want? said Henry
"More then anything! You will love it. " said Abby
"Ok then. I will hang you Abby." Henry said.

The noose was over the bed. "Do you want one last shag Abby? said Henry.
"Yes, put me in the noose and pull on it when you are in me! Abby said breathlessly. "Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, Lorri is coming over, she wants to be your new girlfriend."
"That sounds cool. She is a hottie, I will hang her someday in your memory." said Henry.
"You may want to strap her in an electric chair instead, that's her thing" Abby said.

Abby sat on the bed and put her head though the noose. Henry was climbing under her, but then the doorbell rang. "Must be Lorri" said Abby.
Henry went to the door and let in Lorri. "Hope I haven't missed anything!" said Lorri.
"You missed out on Megan" pointing to her body still hanging in the guest room. "But I was just getting started on Abby.
"Oh good, Hi Abby!" said Lorri. "Got your head in the noose already I see. You know what Henry, climb under her and do her for the last time, and I' will pull on the rope for ya".

"Sounds good " said both Abby and Henry. Henry climbed under Abby, and put his cock in her pussy. Lorri pulled on the rope which tightened around Abby's neck. Abby pumped Henry hard since she could hardly breathe. It didn't take long for both to cum. But all things must come to an end. Lorri let go of the rope. Abby caught her breath again.

"You ready to hang now Abby?" asked Lorri.
"I sure am! Goodbye you two, Now string me up!" said Abby.
Henry began to pull on the rope. Abby had to stand up on the bed. Then as the noose began to tighten for the last time, it forced her to tiptoes. Both Lorri and Henry pulled on the rope and she finally lifted off of the mattress.

Lorri tied off Abby's rope to keep her in the air. Abby began her last dance. She made gasping sounds as she tried to take in air. But she wasn't getting much. She kicked around and turned on her noose. Henry quickly undressed Lorri, and began to have sex with her under the squirming Abby. Abby was rubbing herself, hard. Lorri and Henry tried to cum first but Abby beat them to the first one. Abby had even more energy then Megan had. She kicked for twenty minutes before she began to slow. But even she slowed and then stopped. Abby hung limp in her noose.

"Wow that was wild wasn't it?" said Lorri.
"It sure was" said Henry "I understand you are into electric chairs."
Lorri just smiled.

The end

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