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"The Semester" and its sequels (hanging, cons)
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:11:50 AM »
These were posted on the old site, reposted to get the new story forum going again. I will post them together this time. They are four stories as follows.

"The Semester"

"The Semester II: Rachel Dances"

"The Semester III: Lilly's Last Semester"

"The Semester IV: Kim's Rope Dream"

Any comments would be welcome!

Here we go.....

part 1 of the

"the semester"

Professor Lilly Stanley posted the new course outside of her door. She knew it would be popular with her anthropology students. This semester long course is the completion of a long process she has been working on for a long time. She is a world renown professor and an expert in tribes in certain parts of the world. Especially the little known tribe the Etuutou.

The Etuutou are little known because few are permitted to observe them. Lilly had gained the trust and friendship of the chief of the tribe Ute-to. He had come out of the jungle with some government officials to sign documents protecting the tribe from the outside world. She had met and gotten to know him then. She had been allowed to come to their rain forest home a number of times to visit and observe. She had even been allowed to participate in some festivals and ceremonies. Now she had gotten permission to bring some of her students for a semester.

However there were a few conditions. She and the students would have to live like the tribe. That was noted on the sheet on her door. They would have to work for their food and shelter like other members of the tribe. Eating what the Etuutou ate and working like the tribe as well. The men could only wear a loincloth and for the women it would mean being nude most of the time. It seemed to be a small price to pay for a experience no one else could have.

Like most small central south american tribes the Etuutou had many festivals and ceremonies. But the Etuutou had one that the others didn't. It was the one on that got Eva excited when she read it on the course. Eva, a tall blond, read the note over and over. "Is this true" she asked when Lilly stepped out of her office and saw Eva reading it. "Yes," she responded, " their festival of fertility is only practiced by the Etuutou. Many older teen and twenty-something girls of the tribe volunteer, no one is forced to do it, it is a great honor to be picked for the ceremony at the festival. The chief picks from the volunteers. On the third and fourth day of the festival they are sacrificed by slow hanging".

"We will be the first outsiders to observe this ceremony. When the girls are hanged, the tribe has a orgy around them, we will participate in the orgy. There are far more women in this tribe then men, but I'm sure you will be popular,,, me not so much since I have long brown hair,,,, provided that you want to go." said lily. " I sure do" said Eva. Eva didn't tell Lily she has been fantasizing about erotic hanging for many years.

Later that evening Eva told her friend and roommate Rachel that she should go too. Rachel a great looking redhead seemed interested . "It is a experience of a lifetime" Eva said. Eva told Rachel about it. She was one of the few that knew of Eva's noose dreams. Since Rachel also majored in anthropology, it would be great to go. She decided to go that very minute.

A few days later Lily held a meeting with those she had selected to go. Eva and Rachel were there. Lily had also gotten two others to go. Kim, a girl of Japanese heritage was one. Lance a tall blond guy would be the only man going. Lily went over what they would be doing for the whole semester. We will be fitting in as much as we can. The research will be unbelievable. We leave in two days. It will take six days to get there. I hope you are ready for something you have never seen before!

end of part 1

part 2

It had been a long trip so far. It was the fifth day. The first part had been fairly easy and covered the greatest distance, flying in. But they had gone from airplane to a small plane then to a car, then to boat, then to a smaller boat. Now they had been on foot for almost two days.

"This tribe is one of the worlds most remote" said Lily. "Thats for sure" said Kim. "I can see why they don't wear much" said Lance "Its so hot here". "Yes" said Lily, " its not as sexual to be naked like it is back home, its practical". "Besides The Etuutou are very beautiful both inside and out." Lily added "The Etuutou are very sexual however so be ready for stuff you have not seen before and don't be offended by what you may see". " I have to get used to being mostly naked" said Rachel " Its something that I never did back home." "Its not a bad thing" said Kim, " I am a nudist already, so it won't be a problem". "Interesting" said Lily " "Asians are known for modesty, but the bathhouse culture in Japan makes that statement kind of untrue". Kim replied " Yes, I love the bathhouse, but I love the nudist lifestyle even more". Lily then said " The Etuutou are unbelievable body painters, you will be painted very often plus it helps from getting sunburn". "Maybe we can learn some of their techniques of painting" said Rachel. "I love that idea, since I love art as much as anthropology." "Of course" said Lily "that what we are there for". To be as part of the tribe as possible.

That night would be the last night of camping before coming to the home of the Etuutou. Around the campfire, Lily decided to tell more of the biggest ceremony of the tribe. She knew that Eva had been asking about it since the beginning. "The dance of fertility is about the way it translated basically" she said. "It is the highlight ceremony of the biggest festival of the year." "Everything leads up to it." I haven't seen it yet, we will be the first outsiders to witness it" said Lily. It is in the honor of the fertility g0ddess, which for the Etuutou isn't only the g0ddess of sex but of growth and birth and rebirth. That would include farming, and the [email protected] in the forest so she is the g0ddess of their food supply as well."

Wow, the whole group thought. Lily continued " It is a great honor to be selected to do the dance. Most of the women of the tribe volunteer at some point, but only some get selected each year. Many volunteer year after year but aren't selected the first,second, third or more times. The chief picks the ones for the dance. The number of women hanged each year is different, and yes they are hanged to death. The Etuutou is one of the few cultures that still does this type of sacrifice anymore. The chief performs a ceremony to determine the number of women hanged for that year. It can be as few as two, but I have heard stories of as many as thirty. It depends on a lot of factors, of which we don't know much.

Lily went on " The dance of fertility occurs on the third and fourth day of the week long festival. Half of the decided number does the dance and hangs on each of those nights. They are selected separately on each night, so if a girl volunteers and are not selected the first night she could still be picked to hang the second night. "

"The way that the chief knows that a women is volunteering for the Dance of Fertility is interesting. Each member of the tribe has a unique necklace that has the members name attached to it. A basket is put out and the women place the part with their name on it in it. The chief chooses, but not randomly from this basket. He is the one who chooses the ones that would be the best. "

"Now when the women are hanged, the tribe has an orgy. Not the kind that you are thinking about though." she laughed. " You only have sex with the same partner for the whole festival." Everyone is arranged around the girls when they hang, they have sex, typically the men on their backs and the women in the cowgirl position. Everyone needs to see the hanging going on." Since Lance is the only guy here, we will most likely be paired off with the members of the tribe for that part of the ceremony."

At this point Eva is so wet she can't move or talk. She cannot believe that somewhere in the world her noose dream is a realty. And it is only a day away. Lily continues, " this years Dance of Fertility is about three and half months away so it will be towards the end of our visit. So everybody get to sleep we have a long walk tomorrow before we get there.

end of part 2
part 3

Early the next day the group set out. It was hot of course, so the group stripped down. "Do what the Romans do, or whatever" said Eva. "Got to get used to it." said Rachel. It was the late afternoon when the group came on the land that the Etuutou called home. The people were excited to see the college professor and her students. They greeted the visitors by cheering. Chief Ute-to came up to the group of travelers and greeted Lily with a big smile and a hearty greeting. "I am so glad to see you Lily, and these must be your students". "Yes" responded Lily "Meet Eva, Rachel, Kim and Lance". " I am glad to know you " said the chief. "Come into the village, we must celebrate".

But first you must meet my daughter Maria, here she comes." Maria walks up, a tall thin girl of nineteen or so with waist long black hair. With her was her best friend Marta. She was shorter then Maria and has a fuller figure. She too has black hair like Maria. Both girls only wore a necklace and a small waist chain made of natural wood and string materials. Maria introduced herself and introduced Marta as well.

"How do you know English", asked Lance. We both went to school outside for a year" said Marta. "We learned a lot, but we like it better at home, no offense." "None taken" said Eva. "Its always better to go home sometimes" "Come" said Maria "we must celebrate that you are here!"

Even thou the group was tired, the celebration was a great success. There was dancing with drums around the central fire, and food of the rain forest. Off to the side many couples were having sex. All slept well after the party broke up for the night.

The next day. Maria and Marta gave a tour of the village. Most of the people lived in long houses made of wood. They are around a central area in the middle. There were fields to the one side of the houses. There was a small brook on the other The women of the village did most of the farming when the men did the hunting. There was one field that had higher fences around it. Kim asked "is there a reason for the higher fence?" Yes, said Marta, That is the field that the food for the feasts at the Fertility ceremony is grown.

"Really" said Lance. "Yes" said Maria, " All the girls hanged at the Dance of Fertility are buried in that field, its part of the honor of being chosen". " They bring nourishment for next years feast. " That took a while to sink in on the college group. Eva asked Maria and Marta a question. "Have you ever volunteered for the dance?" "Yes", said both girls. "We did for the first time last time. As you can tell we were not chosen, but only two girls did the dance last year" said Maria. "you have to be at least 18 years old or so, since it is a personal choice to volunteer." We are raised from c h i l dhood that this is important to our tribe and culture but very few get the honor. Marta added " We hope to be chosen together to so we can do the last dance side by side.

Eva said "wow, thats something else" . Is the ceremony sexy to be part of?" "Very much so" said Maria. ' It's the sexiest as well as beautiful ceremony you will ever be part off." "But we must get to work, we have a lot to do and since you are part of our tribe you please come help. "

end of part 3

part 4

Time passed fast for the college group. The research was invaluable. The worry of being naked was long gone, it was second nature to be nude in the rain forest. They all have gotten dark tans, in the case of Kim she didn't look all that different from the tribe people. All four students became fast friends with Maria, Marta and the chief . The work was hard, since life as a tribe isn't easy. The girls and Lily helped the women farm, and Lance tried to learn to hunt with the men. He wasn't very good at hunting but was found useful as a builder since the tribe was building a new long house. He was popular with the tribes-girls and didn't spend many nights alone.

There were many festivals and ceremonies to break up the work. The girls learned body painting from the women of the village, and most of the time had some type of art painted on them. Rachel learned many different forms of Etuutou body art from the older women. Kim learned as much as she could about Etuutou cooking. Lilly spent much of her time writing about the tribe and spending time talking with the chief. Lilly was thrilled that the tribe had accepted her and the students so well.

Eva was on cloud 9 learning as much as she could about the Dance of Fertility. It has been practiced for thousands of years, and has always been consensual. The dancer had to willing for it to happen. Women could be of any age, although most were younger. They were not tied in any way, except for the noose of course. There were always many more women that would volunteer then were needed for the ceremony. The number of women hanged was never a set number, but generally was a even number. The best years of harvest and the worst generally produced the highest numbers of dancers. The good years were of thanks, and bad years that more sacrifice was needed.

Everyone was getting along so well. Maria and Marta announced that there would be a surprise for the college group at the full moon festival the next day.

The next night brought some of the most fun that the students had since they had gotten there. There was body painting for all, a pig roast, and dancing around a fire for hours. When the moon was the brightest, the chief called out for quiet. He said " Lily, Eva, Rachel, Kim and Lance have been a great joy to have with us. We have a gift for you all. We have necklaces showing our names and our belonging to the Etuutou. We have made necklaces for you five, so we consider you as members of our tribe." Maria brought the necklaces forward and gave them to each of the college students. Then the festival drums started up again, and the dancing continued.

End of part 4
part 5

Finally the long awaited week had come. The chief announced the beginning of the Dance of Fertility one morning. Then he left for the forest to proform the first ritual of the festival. This ritual would determine the number of dancers that would hang this year. The village was giddy with the hurried activity as things were readied for the main event on the third day. There would be a short ceremony during the feast that day when the chief announces the number of dancers.

Tables were set out for the many feasts of the week. The first feast was under way when the chief rose to tell the village the number this year. All was quiet when he said "8 dancers are needed this year." The village erupted in cheers. 4 for each night. Women started to put their name tags from the necklaces in the basket. Eva watched as Maria and Marta put their tags in. Eva burned with desire.

Maria and Marta cornered Lance and lead him away. Eva knew that Lance was in for a fun night. Eva saw the tribe-man that she had been flirting with. She had selected him to be her sex partner for the festival. She couldn't pronounce his name so she called him Steve. He didn't mind. It looked like Kim, Rachel and even Lilly were all partnered up for the festival already. Lilly looked to have scored with the chief!

It was a long night of hot sex for the whole group.

The next day started a lot later. Two of the trees in the center of the village were prepared to be the hanging trees. Two girls for each tree. Hoists were set so the noosed girls could be slowly lifted off the ground. They could go up but not down. Four nooses were placed waiting for their girl to come. Eight graves were dug in the field of fertility. There was more body painting in preparation for the next day, the first of the two big days. Word went out that if anymore women desiring to volunteer needed to put her tag in the basket, since the chief was going to retire for the night to make the first days selection.

The next day dawned a sunny day. After the lunch feast was over, the chief rose to announce the names of the girls to be hung tonight. A hush rolled though as the tribe waited for the names. " The first honor belongs to Mona". Mona yelped, as the short skinny woman of 27 accepted the congratulations of the people around her. The crowd quieted as the chief continued." The second honor belongs to Leema." The taller girl of 18 was quiet as people patted her on the back in congrats, it was the first time she had volunteered.

The chief waved to quiet the group again. He began to talk " The third and four honors are very special to me. For I have decided to accept my daughter Maria and her best friend Marta to be other girls to dance today. I am proud that they want this honor, I know that they have desired to do the dance together since they were girls. I will remember this Dance forever." The crowd cheered. The college group came up to Maria and Marta to celebrate with them. Maria and Marta were very excited and were hugging each other.

The four chosen ones were lead off into a hut nearby by some of the women to be prepared for the big event. All the other people danced to drums. Then it time for the dinner feast. The four women were lead out of the hut and they stood next to their nooses. Maria and Marta on one tree like they had wished for, and Mona and Leema on the other one. All their body paint had been removed. They looked very beautiful, having been made up by the women in the hut.

The chief stood up and started the ceremony by chanting, but the college students couldn't understand what he was saying. As on cue, the four girls put their heads through their nooses. Four helpers set the noose tightly in place, around the upper neck behind the girls left ears. Four strong men pulled on the ropes raising the girls to their tiptoes, the hoists clicking.

Then the dinner feast began. It was a big meal and everyone ate heartily. Eva looked on with amazement, as her friends of several months stood there with nooses around their necks standing on their tiptoes. She went up to Maria and Marta, and asked them " How does it feel to be there?" Maria said, "It's amazing, I am so wet with desire, it's a dream come true. " Marta added "Its great to be here finally, I want the last dance so bad!" Eva said "I guess its time to say our goodbyes". "Yes," said Maria, "Eva, I know you want to do the dance, I can see it, ask my father if you can volunteer for tomorrow, I think he would choose you." "Do it, you will not regret it". Marta said "Good bye Eva," as the drum started up.

Eva found Steve as the tribe-people started to arrange themselves around the girls waiting to be hanged. She could see Lance with another girl as she sat on his lap bouncing on his cock which was standing straight up. Kim was nearby as she had started on the guy she had selected. Rachel was on the other side in a similar state as Kim. Lilly was waiting for the chief because he had to signal the start of the last dance for the four women. People settled in and some were having sex already. The traditional position is the reverse cowgirl style angled so both the man and woman can watch the hanging.

Then the drum stopped. The four nude, noosed, women glistened with sweat and arousal in the light of the setting sun. The chief signaled the four men and they began to pull on the ropes, the winches clicked, and the four women started to rise. As the women feet left the ground forever, the sound of sex from the tribe and gagging sounds from the hanging girls filled the air.

The four hanging women continued to rise slowly until their toes were about two feet off the ground. Then the clicking sound from the winches stopped, and the women began to kick wildly. They were not tied at all, but none interfered with their noose. In fact they were all fingering their pussies with abandon, you could tell when they came. Eva looked on with amazement as she bounced on Steve's huge cock. Eva thought to herself, Maria is right, I want to be hanged!

The four women were something, kicking hard for ten or so minutes. The wild kicking had given the festival its name. The tribe-women were bouncing wildly on their partners cocks. It was intense, they all watched carefully as the nooses slowly took their friends.

Twenty minutes later it was all over. The kicking had slowed and now the women hung limp in their nooses. They had all died within a minute of each other. All the tribes people laid around resting from the intense act that had happened. Lilly had fucked the crap out of the chief as his daughter hung and died before him.

People started to move away from the hanging area. Eva had to think fast, would she ask the chief if she could volunteer? He would soon leave to make the picks for tomorrow. He was near the basket with the names in it.

She decided to surrender to her desire , so she walked to the chief and Lilly. She asked the chief "Would you hang a girl from another tribe if she volunteered to be hanged?" "I would, if she really wanted it", he replied "Its never happened before" "Then I volunteer to be hanged at tomorrows dance" Eva said as she placed her name in the basket. "You really want this Eva?" asked Lilly. "Yes" she said forcefully. The chief said " We are honored that you would volunteer Eva, I do consider you a member of this tribe, Maria said you might come to me to ask, yes, I will consider you with the other women. " With that he retired to his tent to make the final four selections for the next day. Lilly stood there stunned.

End of part 5
part 6

The fourth day of the festival dawned early for Eva. She had spent the rest of the night with Steve. The sex was crazy, and they had gone on for hours. She watched the sun rise, realizing it could be the last one she would see. She could see the hanged women who were still in their nooses. She walked up to them. She could see the smiles of satisfaction on all four women's faces. It must had been incredible for them, she thought.

Then some of the tribe-women came and started to take down the hanged women. They took them to the field of fertility, but they would wait to bury them. The burial wouldn't happen until all eight dancers were hanged. Then the drums started and many of the tribes people danced. Meanwhile the nooses were reset under the hanging tree. Eva looked on with fascination, one could be her noose!

Then it was time for the lunch feast. Eva was giddy because the names for tonight would be announced. Lilly came up to Eva and asked "If the chief picks you, do you really want to hang to death?" "Yes" Eva replied, "I have had fantasies about hanging for many years, my noose dreams could come true here." "I know that I wanted you students to participate in what the tribe does but you really did it" joked Lilly. She smiled as said "I can really respect your choice Eva, to do this."

At this point the Chief rose from his seat and began to talk. "the fifth honor belongs to Emile". The short 35 year old women let out a yell, and her friends were around her in seconds. After the noise had ended the chief continued " The sixth honor belongs to Tamlu". The 20 year old tall slender beauty was similarly congrats by those around her. Once again the chief waved for quiet "The seventh honor is Alimee". The woman of 24 jumped for joy. The tribe people quieted down for the last time. " The eight and final honor goes to Eva, one of our newest members". However nobody heard the second part as the whole village erupted in cheers.

The others from the college were a little stunned when they heard the news. They congratulated Eva, but it was different this time. Kim and Lance asked " Is this what you want Eva?" Yes, very much." Eva said "I guess we should have seen this coming" said Lance, "you have been talking about this festival so much these last couple of months". "We support your choice to hang, Eva" said Kim. Lilly just hugged her. Rachel wasn't to be seen. Soon the women who prepared the dancers came to Eva. "Come my dear" one of the women said " We have to get you ready "

She was in a trance when they lead her to the hut where the women began to bath her and the other dancers. They carefully removed the body paint because the dancers were hung totally nude. They anointed her in oils and styled her long blond hair. Outside the tribe was dancing once again to the sounds of drums. The chief came in and went to each woman and asked "Is it of your free will to be hanged for the Dance of Fertility" The first three said yes they were willing. He came to Eva and asked the same question. When she said yes, he said. "This is the time to say so if you want to back out." Eva said "I want it more then anything". The chief kissed her on the forehead and said. "You honor us by hanging for us, we will remember you forever." "The tribe cheered the most for you, enjoy the dance." He added "Since you don't the chants, just follow the leads of the other girls, the only thing you do yourself is to put your neck in the noose. They will help you with the rest." "Goodbye my c h i l d, say hello to Maria for me." Then he was gone.

By then it was time for the dinner feast. The women lead the dancing girls out and towards the hanging trees. The women placed Eva next to the noose that had taken Maria last night. Now it was her noose, and it would take her. The chief started the chant, and when the other three girls started to put on their nooses, Eva did as well. The helper woman placed it snugly around the higher part of her neck under her left ear. She whispered gently in Eva's ear "Its placed so, it takes you slowly. Take a breath, we are going to raise you to your tiptoes." Eva was so wet and breathless, she had difficultly doing so, but she managed to. There would be no more easy breaths anymore for Eva.

Eva felt her noose tighten, it began to lift her off the ground, she heard the clicking of the winch, but it stopped when she was on her tiptoes. She could breathe but it was harder on tiptoes. Then the feast began, the sounds of eating and laughter. Suddenly, Rachel stood before her and said. "I think I know how you feel, I have learned from you and these people have taught me much about this. I had my first noose dream last night." "I am so glad Rachel, "said Eva " it's my greatest desire." Then the girls said their goodbyes and Rachel sat down near Eva's feet.

Rachel was joined by Lance and he laid on the ground and she climbed on him. Eva was surprised but then she remembered that Tamlu had been his partner last night. Rachel must have ditched hers somehow to be with Lance. Kim then came with her partner and they laid next to Rachel and Lance. Then the drumming stopped.

Eva was breathing fast, she was nervous, sweaty and she was very aroused. She was even a little scared. She rubbed her pussy like she never had before. Rachel was bouncing forcefully on Lance's cock, Kim was moving on her partner just as hard. Eva looked down at her toes.

She felt the noose tighten again and the clicking of the winch started again, since the chief had signaled the men in charge of pulling the ropes. Eva watched as her toes left the ground forever. She had her wish, she was hanging in a noose! Her noose dream was a reality! The noose got tighter and tighter and she began to gasp and gag. She never thought to put her hands on the noose to release the pressure. The clicking continued and she looked up to see the chief and Lilly beginning to have sex. The ground around her was a sea of sex, Women bouncing furiously on their men. She continued to get higher off the ground, click,click, click. She turned to one side and could see Emile and Alimee in their nooses on the other hanging tree as their feet were leaving the ground. They had looks of complete arousal on their sweaty bodies.

Then the clicking stopped, Eva's toes were about two feet off the ground. She began to kick and to kick hard, her body wanted air and she wasn't getting any. She continued to finger herself, cuming once, twice, three, four, five. The sun was starting to set. Eva looked up and saw Tamlu hanging next to her in the noose that Marta had been in last night. Tamlu saw Eva and smiled and tried to give her a thumbs-up. Eva grinned at her and smiled back. To the people around her Eva was in contrast to the other three hanging girls with her light pale skin and blond hair, they were light brown skinned and dark black hair.

The dancing on the noose continued for what seemed like forever for Eva. Her lungs screamed for air, her pussy kept cumming and cumming. She kept kicking her legs, as they felt for the ground they would never stand on again. She was making gagging sounds that met up with the sounds of the sex from the crowd around her. Rubbing herself, the pressure in her chest waiting to explode, kicking over and over and over. Eva looked up again and saw Rachel, who was looking back at her with complete attention, even though she was being fucked from behind. Eva knew that someday Rachel would do the dance and hang in a noose.

Eva started to get tired, the kicking was starting to slow. Her pussy wasn't slowing it was rich with desire, the desire that would cost Eva her life. Her body was shutting down, the lack of air was not as bad as before. It was in a moment of peace, a moment that couldn't last long. She fingered her pussy hoping for one last orgasm. She got it, it was the most intensive of her life. She was finally satisfied. There was a big grin on her face. Then her hand slipped away as the blackness came.

Eva's body hung limply from her noose though the night. Slowly rotating in the breezes. The others from the college gazed at her the next morning, as the women took her down from the noose. They could see the smile on her face. She and the other seven hanged women were buried in the Field of Fertility in the Celebration Ceremony.

The end of the semester was two weeks later. It had been a great success, thought Lilly. With a ending she had never imagined. She and her students had learned much from the Etuutou. Eva had learned about desire. Lilly was learning about it too, she could now imagine herself in a noose. There was much more to learn. The chief had agreed to allow Lilly to continue her program and bring down students every year from now on.

The end.

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