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"The $nuff Page I"
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:03:34 AM »

I had heard about it, but I thought it was an urban legend. Instead, after various searches and contacts in various forums I found it. The “Snuff” site was real. The title of the home page was in English: “THE SNUFF PAGE”, but the content and the players were Italian. Every month a girl was captured and taken to a basement. In front of a live web cam she was subjected to various tortures. Then anybody could make an offer; whoever made the highest offer could decide how the victim would be killed, and enjoy the scene live.

When I logged in to the site you could see a girl bound to a chair, with a hooded man on either side. From the site you could access a page with photographs and information about the victim. Her name was Ida, a 33 year old born in Liguria, but she had moved to Milan. There were various photos: fully dressed, while she was being [email protected], naked, bound, in costumes, in tights, with closeups of every part of her body from head to toe. Ida was fascinating: a pretty face, nice lips, with chestnut hair with a tint of red, a great body, a nice firm butt, excellent legs and very sexy feet (I have a weakness for the feet . . . ), with soft undersides and toes a bit hammer-like. Her shoe size was 37.

Getting back to the web-cam: The two hooded men were demonstrating what we could choose for her grand finale. There was a large aquarium with two sharks, a cage with two lions, a cross, a guillotine, a large charcoal oven, an acid bath, and various instruments: ropes, knives, axes, hand guns . . . so the poor Ida had various ways to die: eaten alive, roasted in an oven, beheaded, crucified, impaled, dissolved in acid, cut to pieces, stabbed etc.

The show started at 11 pm: I had ten minutes to wait and spent them loking at Ida’s photos. The idea of watching her be tortured and killed began to excite me, especially when I looked at the pictures of her feet. I began to imagine her tortured, cut up and eaten . . . I could not offer anything, but I began to hope that the winner would choose to see her eaten by the lions. The idea of seeing her torn apart alive and a lion with her foot in its mouth pleased me even more.

At exactly 11 pm the two men untied Ida, removed her clothes leaving her totally naked and hogtied her on a table, with her hands and feet bound together behind her back. There were five other people logged in to the site: on the right of the screen there was a kind of chat window where we could enter our comments. The first were:

MAX – “Good looking sow!”
THE COOK – “She should suffer for a long time . . . “
THEKILLER – “Ida I want you to be all mine . . .”
DAVE – “Let’s chop her into pieces . . . .”
LUKE – “Tonight we are going to have fun!”

I was shy, and to begin with I didn’t write anything . . . I had chosen the nickname “ZED”. I was distracted by Ida’s naked body wriggling on the table. One of the two men was sitting at a computer and began to type. His nickname was “The Executioner”

THE EXECUTIONER – “Right, there are six of you. We will begin the show. Now I will take six pins, and each one of you will choose a part of Ida’s body to pierce with them.

DAVE – “Put the pin in Ida’s left breast”

The second man took a pin and pushed it slowly into Ida’s left breast, transfixing it from one side to the other. Ida yelled and the man gave her a hard slap . . . “Shut up, sow” . . . luckily I had a fibre optic connection and the video came through perfectly.

The COOK chose her right buttock, LUKE the right breast, MAX the navel, THEKILLER chose to have his pin inserted in her left cheek. Finally it was my turn.

ZED – “In the underside of her right foot, just beneath her toes”

The hooded man took Ida’s foot with one hand and pierced the soft pad of flesh with the pin, exactly as I had asked . . . while he pushed the pin into her flesh Ida jerked spasmodically and we heard her screams . . . the pin went easily into the flesah of her foot and transfixed it from one side to the other . . . what a show!

For about an hour we continued like that . . . they suggested an object to torture Ida with, and we in turns chose how and where it was to be used: whip, candle, cigarette, knife, pliers . . . I always chose her feet, and my excitement as I watched her torture grew and grew.

At midnight THE EXECUTIONER wrote:

THE EXECUTIONER – “Good, I see that you have had your fun with Ida, now make your offers . . . whoever offers the most can choose how to kill her, and also what she has to wear . . . now it is up to you: you have 5 minutes to enter your offers, the offers will be opened at the end of the five minutes.”

I had already decided not to offer anything, I didn’t have a lot of money . . . but I was in a state of pure euphoria . . . I looked at Ida, still bound and with her body tortured with pins, burns, cuts . . . and the idea of seeing her torn apart by the lions made me feel more and more excited . . . so I entered my offer.

1000 Euro, torn apart by the lions. Dressed in panties, bra and self supporting stockings, without shoes. Thrown unbound into the cage.

The 5 minutes passed.

THE EXECUTIONER – “Good, time is up . . . let’s open the bids . . .”

DAVE: 400 Euros, naked and thrown into the shark tank

THE COOK: 300 Euros, naked, hogtied, with an apple in her mouth and roasted alive in the oven

LUKE: 800 Euros, dressed like a ballerina with tutu and white tights, and beheaded

MAX: 500 Euros. Nude, but wearing flesh coloured tights. Chopped to pieces with an axe, cutting off her feet, legs, hands, arms . . . keeping her alive as long as possible

ZED: 1000 Euro, torn apart by the lions. Dressed in panties, bra and self supporting stockings, without shoes. Thrown unbound into the cage.

I had won! Mine was the highest offer, and I would satisfy my desire.

Ida was dressed as requested. Panties, bra and self supporting stockings all in black. The stockings even had the reinforced toes and heels that I like.

Without hesitation Ida was thrown from above into the lions’ cage. They had been kept hungry for a week. Ida got to her feet and backed into a corner of the cage. The two lions approached and faced her, beginning to roar and paw the air, but without touching her. Ida fell to the ground, terrified, huddled in a fetal position and started to cry. Immediately the lions jumped on her and began to tear her limb from limb. The first bite was on her thigh. Then it all happened quickly. The two lions dragged Ida here and there, tearing off pieces of flesh from her body to eat voraciously. Knowing that by now the prey was helpless and following their feline instincts, they took a long time playing with her body, with scratches and non fatal bites, turning her this way and that, and dragging her around the cage by her hands and feet. Ida screamed and cried, knowing that she was finished. Then it all got confused. Shreds of torn flesh, screams, intestines, torn breasts, half eaten buttocks, blood . . . Another pretty scene was the moment when one of the lions started to eat Ida’s face, tearing off first her lips and then her cheeks . . . in that moment Ida died.

After about an hour, all that remained of Ida was the bones. The two lions had eaten her completely, from the top of her head to the tips of her toes.

Having made the highest offer gave me the right to a DVD of Ida’s death. The scene was recorded using 8 separate video cameras, focused on different parts of Ida’s body while she was being torn to pieces. Obviously my favourite part was the shot of her feet while they were stripped of their flesh and eaten . . .

Here are some of the pix of Ida that made me vote for her and offer the money.

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