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The International Bellyshooter Society
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:03:57 AM »
Tony gets a special invitation in todayís mail he has been invited to the British Chapterís Annual Meeting of the International Bellyshooter Society. A limo will come by his home next Sunday at noon and take him to the meeting location. He must attend alone and not communicate to anyone about the meeting before or after he has attended it. Tony is wondering how did he get selected to attend and what is the International Bellyshooter Society, he has never heard of it. He is curious and can only think that his postings on the web site as buttoneer probably is where this invitation originated, since he does like writing and reading about fantasy bellybutton shooting. He decides to attend the meeting, after all what could it hurt?

Sunday morning the eight members of the British Chapter all arrive at the hostís country mansion for the annual meeting. In addition to the eight members there is a special guest, Ron who is the founder of the International Bellyshooter Society. Ron flew in from the United States as an honored guest. He started the Society ten years ago recruiting members from various chat rooms and web sites. He now concentrates on starting new Chapters of the Society via websites like where he posts as Thrill Killer. Over the years thirty Chapters of the Society have been established throughout the United States and now are expanding into Europe with the first European Chapter being the British Chapter. The average number of members in a Chapter is thirty-five, the British Chapter was establish last year so it only has eight members, four who are founders of the British Chapter that Ron help them form.

All potential members are thoroughly checked out before being invited to join. There must be no infiltration and silence is the rule. An invitation to a potential member is only issued when there is a unanimous yes vote of the members of the Chapter to issue the invitation. Prior to the invitation being sent out the International Bellyshooter Society Headquarters run by Ron must check out the potential member. Security is tight. A private security firm run by a man who goes by the code name Geno is contracted to check out the potential members. Genoís security firm is a front and in reality he is a member of the United States National Security Agency with contacts around the world. Geno has issued a positive report on Tony.

Tony hears a knock on his door it is the limo driver. He grabs his wallet, cell phone, and jacket. The limo drivers tells him that cell phones are not allowed, he puts down his cell phone and follows the limo driver to the limo. Tony sits in the back and notices that the windows are blacked out, totally blacked out, he canít even see the driver, and he is beginning to question the wisdom of accepting the invitation. After about an hour drive the limo door opens and the mansion that he is escorted into by the limo driver impresses Tony. The butler then takes Tony to the meeting room where he sees nine men in various discussions trying to catch up with the happenings over the year. They all see Tony and welcome him to the group. The host announces that the meeting will come to order after the opening ceremony that will begin in about ten minutes. Tony is looking around the room, he sees a meeting table, very comfy chairs, a computer table, a video set up with large screen, a large white board, and next to the white board two heavy duty metal rings bolted into the concrete wall about at the six foot level and about four feet apart, what could those be for?

The host announces it is time for the opening ceremony. The butler and limo driver enter the room each holding the arm of a very frightened naked gorgeous blond girl about twenty years old with long hair down to her waist, and a fantastic figure, Tony canít help but look at her well-sculptured innie bellybutton. The butler and limo driver bind the girlís hands to the metal rings. The host announces that the honored guest and founding father of the International Bellyshooter Society will perform the opening ceremony. With that the host hands Ron a Walter PPK with a magazine with a 380 ACP Glaser Safety Slug Blue Tip frangible bullet in it. Ron loads the magazine into the gun, racks the slide and walks toward the now desperate young lady, she is pleading and begging not to be hurt. Ron stands in front of her, marvels at her beauty; the host has gone all out on this one. He raises the Walter and points it at the girlís belly she is now in full panic mode. Ron adjusts the barrel to point it at his favorite spot just below the bellybutton, he places the barrel against her skin, looks into her terrified pleading beautiful blue eyes and pulls the trigger. In the first half inch the Glaser travels into her belly the plastic tip pushes into the copper jacket breaking it open releasing about a hundred number 12 shot that spreads out into a cone shape pattern into the girls guts to a depth of about five inches . The girl lets out a horrendously loud scream of agony as she feels the Glaser rip into her guts followed by the red-hot muzzle blast exiting the barrel and slamming into her fresh wound.

With the young woman screaming in the background the host brings the meeting to order and reminds everyone that the meeting must adjourn upon the death of the young woman. In the first hour of the meeting each member briefs the others on his logbook and his photo album, describing in detail each of his monthly tasks as required by the rules of the Society. This is a very important part of the meeting every member must prove that he has complied with the rules. In the second hour Ron updates the members on what is happening with the other Chapters and the total counts of the tasks of each Chapter. He then presents a chart showing the total number of members at the end of the year and the progress that has been made in recruiting new members. Then he presents the total number of tasks completed for all Chapters for the entire year, 12,696 tasks, and an increase of five percent over last year, which mirrors the five percent growth of membership.

Tony is speechless; he canít believe what is happening. The first hour he sees one member after another giving a talk of the past twelve months showing pictures of girls shot in the belly and reading from a logbook the location, date, and time of when each girl felt the bullet ripping into her guts. He asks the member next to him what is a task and what does all this mean? Charlie explains that every member must complete twelve tasks a year, one task for each month. A potential member must complete an initiation to solidify his membership he must complete twelve tasks in a thirty-day period. After he completes his initiation he must complete twelve tasks each year, one for each month. He then must prove that he has completed all twelve tasks in the annual Chapter meeting. If a potential member canít successfully complete his initiation then his membership is rejected. A member who does not complete his twelve tasks in a year is rejected from the Chapter. Charlie looks over at Tony, senses what Tony is thinking and tells Tony that the way a member or potential member is rejected from the Chapter is with a bullet to the belly.

Tony gets the picture a task is a girl getting shot in the belly, now the total number of tasks presented in the second hour of the meeting hits him, 12,696 young woman shot in the belly in one year by members of the International Bellyshooter Society. This society has been in operation for ten years! And it was all initiated by the honored guest, the man sitting two chairs from him, the man from the United States. He tells Charlie that he just accepted the invitation to the meeting and that he is not a potential member. Charlie advises him that his acceptance of the invitation makes him a potential member. He must meet the initiation requirements to become a member and then must meet the yearly requirements to stay a member. Tony protests that he canít even get a handgun in England. The host overhears the conversation and since they are well into the third hour of the meeting and the pretty young gut shot lady is beginning to tire of her situation he starts to wrap it up. All members can prove that they have complied with the rules.

Tony is called up to the front of the room by the host and is formally introduced to the membership as a potential member. He is advised of the rules and his responsibilities, especially the two most important, he must make his task requirements, and that the International Bellyshooter Society and its Chapters are SECRET, break the secrecy and you are rejected from the Chapter. With that the host presents Tony with a brand new Walther PPK 380 ACP automatic pistol, the 75th Anniversary Edition and Glaser Safety Slug Blue Tip ammunition. He is also presented with an Olympus digital camera, a logbook, a photo album and a handbook containing information about the Society, the Chapters, hints and information that may be helpful, a phone number to get help in completing a task, and a website address to send proof of each task. Each task must be documented with pictures and log entries of location, date, and time to be counted. At this time the butler taps the host on the shoulder and points over to the girl. The host announces that in accordance with the rules of the International Bellyshooter Society this meeting is adjourned.

Tonyís head is spinning he has just been driven home by the hostís limo driver and is home looking in his bag of goodies. He has never seen a girl shot in the belly and to see the beautiful girl gut shot right in front of him at the Chapter meeting this afternoon was unreal, the screaming and crying the girl did and the members carrying on with the meeting agenda as if nothing was wrong, a meeting that lasted three and a half hours before the poor girl expired. Can he do it can he shoot a young woman in the belly? He must, and not just one he must shoot twelve young women in the belly in the next thirty days, the clock starts at midnight. If he doesnít he will get a bullet in his belly. He has no choice. Tony spends the rest of the evening reading the handbook, it has lots of good information on where to find candidates for a task, how to carry out tasks, resources that can be used to assist in carrying out a task. After thoroughly reading the handbook he opens the box holding the Walther, takes out the instruction booklet and reads it from cover to cover. He familiarizes himself with the gun and its proper handling, and then loads the gun.

It is early in the morning and Tony has called in sick to work. He takes his bag of goodies with him and drives off on the hunt. The handbook had many suggestions and one that might work for him is the bus stop. Public transportation is popular in England and this is worth a try. He knows of several bus stops that are a bit out of the way, he decides to check them out. The third bus stop he passes by has a lone rider waiting patiently while leaning against a post. She is maybe 22 years old, a good-looking blond with long hair. She is wearing blue jeans and a regal blue crewneck long sleeve tee . He stops his car and yells across the road to the young lady a question about how to get to the train station. The girl canít hear what he is saying and tells him to wait a minute, she then walks across the opposing lane up to his driver side window and asks what he was saying. Tony points his Walther at her belly and pulls the trigger, she screams, grabs at the wound in her belly buckles over at the waist, turns 180 degrees and stumbles back across the opposing lane to the bus stop, falling to the asphalt several times along the way but manages to pick herself up each time she falls. Tony grabs for his camera and takes pictures, he grabs his logbook and notes the location, checks his watch, jots down the date and time. Then he slowly drives off hearing the girlís screams fading in the distance as he drives away. He has completed his first task.

Tony is home transferring the pictures of his first task to his computer and entering his notes from his logbook with a narrative of his hunt, description of the girl, her reactions to being gut shot, description of the bus stop and the events that led to a successful task completion. He turns on the news and hears that a 22-year-old Kimberly Wilson died at the hospital after being shot while waiting for her bus at the route 3 bus stop. She was on her way to her first day of her first full time job after just graduating from the local University. Hearing the news Tony feels some regret and guilt for causing this young lady to suffer so greatly when she did nothing to deserve it, she was trying to make good by getting an education and full time employment and then he comes along and gut shoots her. He has to put that out of his mind, he canít listen to his conscience if he is going to complete his tasks.

It is still early on the first day he has completed his first task and consults his handbook for guidance. One suggestion is to check out potential tasks at the beach during the workweek, the logic being that few people will be there and that college girls sometimes go to the beach when they are not attending classes. This is summer so that is not out of the picture he decides to make the drive to the beach and see what he finds. Tony parks his car at the beach, takes his backpack and trolls along the beach. It is virtually abandoned. He decides to take a long walk since he has made the investment and is enjoying the sound of the water hitting the beach. He spies two figures way up ahead he heads towards them. What he sees are two young ladies in bikinis. One girl is a brunette wearing a black and white zebra bikini the other is an ash blond wearing a purple bikini . He watches as they are playing in the surf while continuing to get closer to them. He reaches into his backpack and pulls out the Walther then places it in his back pocket.

Tony approaches the two young women and engages in conversation. They are both seniors at the local University and this is there off day. The girls both enjoy the beach and like it when it is virtually abandoned. Tony reaches into his back pocket, takes out the Walther, and in one swift motion jams the barrel into the bellybutton of the brunette and pulls the trigger. The brunette screams in agony from the Glaser exploding in her guts. The ash blond sees what has just happened and takes off running. Tony has to get pictures he quickly snaps a couple of pictures of the screaming, stumbling brunette clutching her belly and then takes off after the girl in the purple bikini. She has a good head start but he is determined. She runs into the woods and disappears. Tony runs into the woods, canít determine where she went, so he stops and becomes real still, listening. After what seems like an eternity he hears a sound, it is to his left maybe ten feet. He slowly heads in that direction and sees a purple bikini huddled low against a tree he can make out the girlís back she is facing away from him. Ever so slowly and quietly he moves towards her. She does not hear or sense him. He grabs her hair and yanks her to her feet, she screams in surprise as he turns her around and shoves her back first against the tree holding her head up with his left hand by her hair so that her face is only six inches from his. Tony looks into her eyes and then pushes the barrel of the Walther into her bellybutton and pulls the trigger. The girl screams in agony from the excruciating pain in her guts, he feels the warmth of her breath against his cheeks as she is screaming in his face. Tony lets her go and then takes pictures. While she falls to the ground clutching her belly, screaming and writhing he takes out his logbook and jots down the location, date and time for both tasks that he has just completed.

It has been a long but fruitful first day. Tony is entering the data from his latest tasks into his computer and then decides to have a nice quiet evening at home. He hears a knock on his door it is Charlie. Charlie congratulates Tony on his impressive showing on his first day. He has briefed the other members of the Chapter and the International Bellyshooter Society headquarters. Charlie is Tonyís monitor he bids him goodnight and good hunting.

Day two, Tony must go to work today so he gets up real early hoping to be able to complete a task before arriving at work. He leaves before sunup and proceeds to drive around the party areas looking for any drunken girls who may have passed out over the night from partying and are now trying to find their way home. He hits pay dirt he spots a barefoot long-haired brunette in a short black skirt and short black top walking out of the ďparty woodsĒ still with a drink in her hands . She must have been one hell of a partier. No one else is around so they must have left her to her drunken state. She looks ok now maybe a little unsteady probably from a hangover. Tony drives a sufficient distance beyond where he spotted her and parks his car. He then takes his backpack and proceeds to navigate through the woods to a point to intercept her. She is not paying attention to just about anything apparently just trying to get home and sleep off her hangover. She walks by Tonyís hiding spot, he jumps out grabs her by her left arm spilling her drink, shoves the Walther into her bellybutton and pulls the trigger. Her reaction is not what he is becoming accustomed to. She lets out a grunt, grabs her belly, bends over at the waist some, but does not scream or fall backward or stumble or any of that. She just stands there looking at the blood forming over her hands. She must be still semi numb from all the booze in her system. Tony takes pictures, logs the location, date and time, and then leaves his latest victim to figure out what has just happened to her.

Tony has spent a boring day at work thinking about his next task. He decides to leave a little early, he has a ďdentist appointmentĒ and heads to the beach maybe he can find another task there. At the beach roughly near the same area where he completed his second and third task he parks his car and again walks the beach. He spots a lone woman sunning herself lying on a white towel wearing only a green bikini bottom . He slowly and quietly approaches her. She is lying there with her eyes closed she canít be asleep because her elbows and her knees are raised. He kneels beside her with the Walther in his right hand. He admires her body then shoves the barrel of the Walther into her bellybutton her eyes open wide he can see that even through her sun glasses, he pulls the trigger, she lets out a scream, clutches her belly and writhes around on the ground as he takes pictures and logs the location, date and time in his logbook. Tony is pleased with his progress, day two and he has already completed five tasks.

Day three Tony leaves work at his normal time and decides to check out another suggestion in the handbook, college dormitories. He swings by a nice restaurant first to recharge and to let the sun go down before he starts his next hunt. Finished with his meal he heads to his home to pick up his bicycle, attaches the bike rack and bike to his car and proceeds towards the University. Parking off campus he removes his bike, puts on his backpack and then blends in with the college population, which consists of all ages of students, even his. Bicycling around the senior dorms he spots a sight for sore eyes through a dorm window. A gorgeous ash blond young woman is sitting on a dresser admiring her body in the mirror, who knows what she is thinking but Tony knows what he is thinking. He gets off of his bicycle and maneuvers close to the window, he has not only become a murderer but he now has become a peeping Tom. Once Tony has spotted the girlís perfectly round bellybutton he knows that he has got to have her as his next task. The girl gets off of the dresser and goes into her bathroom. Tony removes the screen on the open window and enters the dorm. He positions himself next to the girlís bathroom and waits. He hears the t0ilet flush and the water running from the sink. He pulls his Walther from his back pocket with his right hand. The door opens and the girl who is now totally naked walks out of the bathroom. He grabs her hair and pushes her face up against his, they are nose to nose he shoves the barrel of the Walther into her perfect bellybutton and pulls the trigger. The girl screams bloody murder, he feels the warm air from her lungs and the spittle from her mouth against his face from her screams. He holds her face next to his enjoying the immense expression of pain in her face as she slowly falls to the ground clutching her belly with both hands. There is a loud banging on the dorm door. People are yelling and trying to break down the door. Tony quickly takes pictures and then gets the hell out of there. Once he has peddled his way to his car he opens up his logbook and enters the location, date and time of his last task. It is time to retire for the night.

Day four Tony leaves work and decides to drive around some of the nicer rural neighborhoods and see if there are any opportunities. He drives by one rural residence and sees a beautiful young woman lying in a deck chair in her back yard . She is wearing one heck of a skimpy outfit and seems to be amusing herself. He parks his car a distance away from the residence and then walks down the street to its front door. He knocks on the door and there is no response, good no one else is home. He makes his way to the back yard looking around for any neighbors. Trees shield all the houses in this area so he does not have to worry about neighborly prying eyes. Tony quietly makes his way behind the brunette. Once he is standing directly behind her he reaches into his back pocket, takes out the Walther, and in one swift motion grabs the womanís hair with his left hand wrenching her head up to look into his eyes, shoves the barrel of the Walther into her bellybutton and pulls the trigger. He sees the now accustomed response, feels the warmth of her screams and spittle against his face, he enjoys getting into their face while gut shooting them something he would never have imagined doing just a few days ago. He needs to invest in some earplugs the screaming of all these gut shot girls is making his ears ring.

Day five, Friday Tony decides to take the day off from doing tasks. He leaves his backpack at home and heads to work. After work he decides to head to the local watering hole. On his way he spots a hitchhiker, she is a cute dark haired skimpily dressed young lady . He decides to stop and give her a lift. She gets into the car and propositions him, 300 Pounds and she will give him a good time. He considers it, after all this is his day off from tasks. He looks into his mirror to see if there is a car following him, this could be a sting, he sees none, and ok he decides to take her up on it. They go back to his home and he takes her to his bedroom. She wants the 300 Pounds. He goes to his backpack, brings it into his bedroom placing it next to his bed, reaches into it and pulls out an envelope with money in it. He counts out 300 Pounds and gives it to the young woman. She is pleased and begins to please him. He is enjoying this change of pace it is nice to be screwing a young woman instead of gut shooting her. She has performed well and is in the bathroom cleaning herself after some energetic activity. She comes out of the bathroom and asks if she can stay the night, she has no place to go. He agrees and motions to the bed. She crawls into the bed in her birthday suit and goes fast to sleep.

Tony is sitting in his chair in his bedroom marveling at what is happening. He has gut shot seven girls in the past four days and now he has a cute young lady sleeping naked in his bed totally defenseless and trusting after making love to him. He is looking at her face, her shapely legs, her belly rising and falling with every breath she takes. He likes this girl.

Morning arrives and Tony is awakened by the sound of a running shower. It is his girl of the night taking a shower. He waits until she is finished and exits the bathroom. He sees her exit the bathroom naked with her hands rubbing her towel thru her hair trying to towel dry it. She asks if he has a large long t-shirt that she can have. He has several and she selects a long white one. She puts her dirty clothes from last night in her purse, puts on her sandals, takes out a piece of paper, writes her number on it and gives it to Tony saying that if he ever wants to be serviced she would be glad to provide it, she then leaves out of Tonyís front door.

Day six, Saturday Tony needs to complete a task, he checks out the beach area and it is populated, no chance of getting away doing a task. The University is a bustle of activity, too dangerous to even consider. He has checked out a number of bus stops and found no candidates. He is frustrated, there has to be a task somewhere available for today. He spots a small pub and decides to have a few cold ones. The barmaid is a strikingly beautiful young lady sitting on the back counter of the bar. He orders a beer and engages in some conversation with her. The bar is empty, he asks if this is normal, she says that it picks up around 3:00 pm but from opening at 11:00 am until then it is pretty dead. After drinking a beer he asks to order lunch, she tells him the cook called in sick and the kitchen is closed. Tony looks around the bar, goes to the restroom observing that he is alone with this good looking barmaid. He goes back to his bar stool and motions the lady bar tender who dutifully walks over to find out what he wants. He pulls the Walther out of his back pocket and points it at her belly. She tells him he can have whatever he wants, all the money in the cash register the money in her wallet, sex, whatever he wants just donít hurt her. He calmly pulls the trigger. The barmaid screams and clutches her belly buckling over at the waist she stumbles into the rear counter of the bar and slowly falls to her knees. Tony has seen this so many times now that it is no longer a fascination; he has a job to do, gut shoot twelve girls in thirty days.

Day seven, Sunday the day of rest, Tony is determined not to do a task on Sunday. He goes to the local church; he is not a member but has this urge to go to a church, any church. Sitting in the pew he spots his girl of the evening still wearing his t-shirt crying in the back corner of the church. He goes to her and asks what is the problem? She has no place to stay, no job, her family has disowned her, she is contemplating suicide which is why she is at the church, make her piece with the Lord before she does it. He takes pity on this poor girl in her situation. He offers to let her stay in his extra bedroom for only one service per week. She readily agrees. He takes her home, gives her some money to buy some clothes and sets her up in his spare bedroom. She offers to do the cooking and cleaning for an allowance, which he agrees.

Day eight, after a great breakfast prepared by his new roommate Tony is on his way to work. He knows that he has only done eight tasks, he could have done nine but he could not bring himself to do the ninth one. He is well ahead of schedule but he does not want to take any chances of not successfully completing the initiation. After seeing the agonizing pain these girls go thru when gut shot he certainly does not want to go thru the same. He goes to work and is bored for eight hours, which allows his mind to wander thinking about the next task. He decides to investigate the red light district, there has got to be some tasks ready to happen. He calls his new roommate telling her he is working late; this is a courtesy since she is cooking the meals. After work he checks out the district and comes upon a decent looking woman peddling her wares in front of her apartment . He asks what is her price, 400 Pounds yikes she is pricey. He reaches into his backpack and retrieves 400 Pounds and places them in her hand. She invites him into her apartment for an evening of entertainment. This building is the scum no one questions anything. Tony has good sex with this sex object and then when she is drifting off into sleep he pulls his Walther out of his backpack and shoves the barrel into her bellybutton and pulls the trigger. She screams bloody murder but the residences of this building have heard it all, no one responds to her screams. He takes pictures and logs into his logbook the location, date and time. Tony arrives home and sees a note on the refrigerator that his dinner is in the refrigerator with micro waving instructions. His new roommate is really taking care of him.

Day nine, Tony has gut shot nine girls, he only has to gut shoot three more and he has twenty-one days in which to do it, he is well ahead of schedule. This has attracted the attention of the founder and guru of gut shooting young women, Ron aka Thrill Kill. In the ten years that Ron has run the Society no one has been able to carry out the twelve tasks in less than two weeks, Tony is well on his way to break the record. All of the Chapters have been advised of his progress. Bets are being made as to whether he can indeed complete his tasks in two weeks, a record.

Day ten, Tony is determined to complete a task today. He goes back to the red light district and trolls for a good looking hooker, he finds one, a strangely happy hooker who is willing to do whatever he wants for a price
He decides to see how far she will go. He proposes that he wants to pretend gut shooting a young woman and that she can fulfill his fantasy. She is willing for a price. 600 Pounds later and she is ready to play. He pulls out his Walther she thinks it is a prop, after all no one in England is allowed to own a handgun. He puts the barrel of the gun into her bellybutton over her decorative bellybutton jewelry and while he is looking into her eyes he pulls the trigger causing her to suffer excruciating pain as the Glaser explodes in her guts. He takes pictures, logs the location, date and time in his logbook.

Day eleven and Tony has only two more tasks to go. Off campus housing, rental homes around the campus area may be a good hunting ground. It is mid morning on a Thursday and most of the students are in class. He trolls around a residential area known for a high rate of student renters. He spots a young lady next to a concrete planter jutting out from a wall on a small home. She is wearing jeans and a small halter-top exposing her midsection. Looks good, donít see anyone around. He pulls his car around the corner and he walks back to where the girl is working on the planter. She turns around as she hears him walk up behind her. She strikes a pose that says what the hell do you want ? Tony lets her know what he wants with a Glaser exploding in her belly. She does the routine scream, clutch, etc. landing in the planter in the fetal position, Tony is glad he started wearing earplugs her screaming was particularly loud. He leaves her writhing in agony in the concrete planter.

Day twelve, just one more task to go and he is not even half way through his thirty days. He enjoys a pleasant breakfast with his live in girl she can sure cook. It has been fun having her around. She is wearing a two-piece skimpy outfit, a pink short skirt and a see thru pink top showing her bellybutton. While he is eating she comes over to his chair standing next to him with her bellybutton just inches away from his face. He marvels at her bellybutton and canít help but take his index finger place it in her bellybutton and wiggle it, she giggles and then kisses him on the cheek. He puts his left arm around her waist bringing her closer and kisses her bellybutton. She leans over and kisses him on the lips. While they are embraced with lips locked he reaches into his backpack leaning against his chair. He pulls the Walther out and slowly moves it towards her bellybutton while enjoying passionately kissing her. He slips the barrel of the Walther into her bellybutton. Still locked in a kiss her eyes open wide and she tries to pull away, he keeps her locked in the kiss and pulls the trigger. She blurts out a horrendous scream as the Glaser explodes in her guts breaking their kiss, blowing warm air in his face that is being forced out of her lungs by the intense screaming. She grabs her belly with her left hand and tries to steady herself with her right she stumbles backward and falls on a weird piece of furniture that Tony was trying to get rid of. She stops screaming, lays there with her knees up, her left hand covering her bloody belly, some blood tricking out of her mouth. Her right hand reaches towards Tony she is looking at him with this unbelieving expression on her face, in shock that he could do this to her . He takes pictures and logs the location, date and time. Tony then carries his live in girl to the bedroom and lays her on the bed. He undresses, removes her clothes and then proceeds to have the absolutely best sex that he could ever imagine, screwing a freshly gut shot girl writhing around on the bed in agony with her muscles contracting and legs thrashing about. It takes four hours for her to die, thank god for Viagra!

Tony is just recovering from his four-hour work out he is lying next to the body of his live in girl when he hears a knock on the door. Who could that be? He puts on his pants and shirt and peaks out of the window it is Charlie. He opens the door Charlie walks in and congratulates him. He has completed his tasks in less than two weeks, a record for the International Bellyshooter Society. As Charlie is presenting Tony a credit card size 24-karat gold engraved membership card two men proceed past them into the bedroom. They are the cleanup crew. Tony is now a full-fledged card carrying member of the British Chapter of the International Bellyshooter Society.

The End

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