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Lunch at the Club
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:10:51 AM »
Hugh parked in front of the tidy brownstone row house. “1279 Salem, this is the place,” he said to himself as he moved around his parked car to open the trunk.

“Good morning!” called a pleasant voice from the landing. Hugh looked up from his trunk to see a slender, athletic woman with long brown hair skip lightly down the stone steps. She picked up a long, thin, metal stake that had been leaning against the handrail, and walked toward his car.

“High, I’m Hugh” he said, holding the trunk open for her.

She pushed her metal pole through the ski hatch in his trunk, laying it next to the other that was already there. Turning, she looked into Hugh’s eyes with a frank, happy gaze, and kissing him lightly on the cheek, exclaimed,

“You can call me Meat.”

Traffic through town was its usual morning snarl, however once on the highway for the short drive to the club, they were able to share how they came to be selected.

Hugh described how he had auctioned himself at 25, just as soon as the law allowed. “I think several people must have bid on me as a group”, he told Meat “I got two million dollars, which seemed like a lot, and they gave me two years to spend it.”

Hugh was tanned and fit, with a shock of thick, blond hair and bright, blue eyes. “I’ve sure as hell spent every dime, and had a hell of a good time,” he bragged, glancing toward Meat as he turned onto the Club’s exit.”

“How much did you get?” he asked her.

Meat leaned toward Hugh’s seat, running one slim hand up and down the shiny metal poles, the other back and forth across Hugh’s crotch. “Oh, I gave myself away,” she chirped.

She leaned into Hugh’s shoulder, sucking his earlobe into her mouth, and whispered, “I think being impaled and roasted – eaten by people at a cook-out - is just the sexiest thing, don’t you?”

Hugh sighed as he pulled into the club’s parking lot. “Well,” he said, “I guess I’m ready for it. I used to think about it when I was fucking some of the women I met – it was a kind of a turn-on, but now we’re really going to do it.”

As Hugh looked for their designated parking space, Meat reached into his pants, gripping his balls with a firm warm hand. “Yes, we’re finally going to finally do it, they’re going to cut these off, put a spit up your ass and roast you.” She ran her tongue lightly around his ear, “They’ll cut off my pussy lips, and do the same thing to me,” she added.

Hugh gulped as he found their spot, a space in the center of the lot with the words “LIVESTOCK” painted in bright yellow letters between the lines. A tow truck was positioned at the front of the space.

Meat threw her door open, jumped out of the car, and began stripping off her clothes, throwing them into the car seat as she went. The tow-truck driver, a dark, disheveled older man in grimy overalls, smirked from the corner of his mouth not occupied by a well-chewed cigar, as Hugh pulled his clothes off.

Hugh was a little embarrassed as he stripped in front of another man, and Meat wasn’t helping much. Once naked, she ran around to Hugh’s side of the car, and had thrown one arm around his waist, while pumping his cock with the other hand, as Hugh handed over his keys.

By the time Meat and Hugh had pulled their stakes out of the trunk, the tow driver had hooked up his car, and with a chortle and waive from his cab, pulled away. Hugh and Meat stood alone, completely nude in the parking lot, holding their two metal poles.

The hot asphalt burned their bare feet, heightening their sense of exposure and abandonment; naked in a lot full of expensive cars, with members promenading toward the club’s entrance.

Meat pointed toward a white building on the broad grassy lawn. The sign in front read, “Deliveries.”

“That’s where we’re headed,” she said shouldering her spit. Crossing the fragrant, grassy lawn she paused, and turned to Hugh.

“Wait a minute. Fuck me first. I don’t want to cum too quickly latter.” She set her pole on the grass, and dropped to her hands and knees in the center of the immaculately landscaped yard.

“We’re just [email protected] now, fuck me like one.”

Hugh looked around at the members, some glancing at Meat as she pushed her ass in the air toward Hugh, as they walked around her toward the tents and patios.

“Go ahead,” she urged, “just fuck me now – they won’t care, we’re just cattle.”

The thought of so many people watching was exciting enough for Hugh that his fine, well curved cock was quite hard when he kneeled behind Meat, pushing into her with a grunt. Hugh’s hips slapped against Meat’s ass and thighs as he pulled her onto him, thrusting hard and fast.

“Oh!, Oh!, Oh!,” Meat cried loudly with each of Hugh’s plunging thrusts. She pushed back into him, grinding her tight butt against Hugh as she came wetly around his dick. Hugh threw his head forward onto her back, biting her shoulder as he pulsed into her.

“Just like d0g’s in heat,” commented a well-dressed woman to her husband as they walked by.

“Ok, I’m set now,” said Meat as she reached for her pole. Hugh followed her across the sunny, park-like lawn to the Delivery building.

Inside, they found a brightly lit white-tiled room. A stout metal rail extended down the length of the ceiling, suspended over a two foot wide drain grate in the floor. A foot high step ran the length of one side of the floor drain, and various chains, leather straps and pulleys dangled from the rail. Water hoses were coiled against the walls.

Hugh’s heart pounded, his breathing shallow and quick, while Meat looked around the room with blunt curiosity, slowly drawing a single finger deliberately in delicate circles around her clit. A table at the far end of the room contained various implements – electric prods, clippers, scissors, spray bottles, curved metal hooks, and knives.

A stout, muscular man clad in a white smock and trousers, glanced at a clipboard, and muttered, “OK, let’s see, one bull, one sow – tableside processing.”

He moved briskly toward Meat and Hugh with a short broad leather strap. He placed it around Hugh’s neck, pulling him roughly toward a hook hanging from a pulley and chain. He latched the two rings on either end of Hugh’s neck strap to the hook – forcing Hugh to stand on his toes.

Meat had already walked onto the grate beneath the second pulley and chain, masturbating herself with abandon. The butcher quickly fastened another leather strap around Meat’s neck, hooking it into the catch at the end of the chain.

Reaching toward a control hanging next to the rail, he punched a green button, raising Hugh and Meat by their necks until their feet dangled a few inches above the grate. While not strangled, both their faces reddened, their breaths coarse and raspy with the strain of breathing though the rough leather bands tightening around their necks.

Their hands grasped at the straps, and their bare feet and legs fluttered, Hugh’s cock bobbling about. The butcher mounted the bench next to them with a clipper in his hands. Working quickly, and without comment, he snipped away Hugh’s thick blond hair, leaving only an uneven, short stubble. Meat’s long brown locks joined Hugh’s blonde clippings on the floor.

Moving to the table, he selected a large safety razor, and a spray bottle. Hugh, gasping, his fingers wedged partially between the strap and his neck, watched as the man spritzed his body with the pleasant smelling, somewhat oily liquid. Working rapidly, the butcher shaved the stubble from Hugh’s head. He shaved his eyebrows. He pulled each of Hugh’s arms away from his side to shave Hugh’s armpits. He grasped Hugh’s cock in a rough hand, tugging it this way and that to allow access to his pubic hair. Grabbing one ankle, he pulled Hugh’s legs apart to shave the fine blonde hairs from inside his thighs. Hugh’s red face blushed even deeper with embarrassment.

Meat watched, fondling her breasts with both hands as she hung, her head slightly tilted, in her own neck strap.

Meat was sprayed next, the razor quickly applied to the short brown patches of hair left on her head. Meat shuddered, her eyes rolling back into her head, as he roughly grabbed and stretched her vulva, shaving away the curly pubes. Leaning down, he pushed her thighs apart, applying the razor to the fine hairs there. Running a callused palm between her legs to check his work, he grunted with satisfaction, stepping down and moving to the hose on the wall.

He hosed them both down with harsh spray of cold, stinging water, washing their shorn hair into the grate, as they gasped and spluttered. Lowering them to their feet, he unhooked their neck straps, and consulted a clipboard.

“Pit 6. Out the door, and to your right,” he said opening the door. “Don’t forget your spits.”

Bald, nude and shaved, Meat and Hugh shouldered their spits, and walked through the groups of club members, some clothed, some in various stages of nakedness, toward their assigned cook-pit.

Following the stone walkway, around a corner and beneath a large oak, Hugh and Meat found Pit Six. A group of pleasant, happy sounding people laughed and cavorted around the large brick fireplace of coals, two large rotisseries positioned just above the glowing charcoal. A small propane grill with an assortment of cooking paraphernalia stood to one side of the pit, next to the two rather low oiled oak-block carving tables, both with stainless steel foot stirrups and various straps.

The members, sitting and standing, turned from their conversations briefly to watch Hugh and Meat approach. “Wonderful,” said a very attractive woman as she rose gracefully from the table, “they did send a bull.” Her sophistication was only accented by the fact that she was completely naked. Hugh’s cock sprang to life as he watched her walk toward him, noting her perfectly shaped firm breasts, well muscled but feminine legs, the immaculate grooming of her hair, her nails, the carefully trimmed hair where her wonderful thighs met.

“Let’s get them going, Ann,” said a distinguished looking man who was working with implements at the small stove, “we want to leave time for our dance after dinner’s done.”

Ann smiled at him, then turned to cradle Hugh’s balls in her hand, enjoying the weight of them, and said, “Up on the table, dear, we’re running behind, and hors d'oeuvres need to be prepared.” As Hugh sat on the table, his knees wobbling with fear, apprehension and excitement, the woman directed her attention to Meat.

“Why, what a fine sow,” she said, running her hands up Meat’s hips, cupping and squeezing her breasts, pulling on Meats hardening nipples. Reaching between Meats thighs, Ann carefully pulled first one, then the other, of Meat’s naked pussy lips. “Oh, those will make such a pleasant presentation next to the other little treats we’ll be preparing.”

Reaching down, Meat pulled Ann’s hand into her wet sex, and said, “I really hope you like them.”

Looking over her shoulder, Ann watched as several men began preparing Hugh. Reaching out to Meat, she placed a strong slender hand on the girl’s shoulder, and turned her, while pushing her down to her knees. Ann moved her pussy to Meat’s face, and with a hand on the back of her bald head, spread her legs slightly enough to allow Meat to push her tongue into the warm, wet opening. Meat licked with enthusiasm. Ann smiled down at her indulgently, then turned her attention to Hugh.

Several men had placed Hugh on his back on one of the tables. His feet had been strapped into the stirrups, his knees spread and raised, his asshole, cock and balls thoroughly exposed. A broad strap was tightened across his hips above his now flaccid cock, and two burley men grasped his arms and shoulders, pinning him to the well oiled wood.

Ann stepped away from Meat. Looking down at Meat’s face, smeared and glistening with Ann’s arousal, Ann said, “Why, you are just the sweetest sow.” She patted her hand on the unoccupied block, “Up you go.”

Meat sat happily on the block, her legs spread so that she could finger herself as she watched Hugh being prepared. Ann stepped to the table, and selected a small, yellow bone-handled folding knife, opening the inch long castration blade. Testing the sharpness, Ann picked up a small whetstone, and with slow deliberation, drew the blade back and forth across the stone several times as she moved between Hugh’s legs.

Hugh raised his head, looking down along his chest, beyond his dick lying on his abdomen, as Ann positioned herself between his legs. Leaning over his crotch, Ann offered him a full view of her fine, taught breasts, as she exhaled warm breaths on his cock, stroking it with her gentle, firm hand.

“It helps to get them hard,” Ann commented. Hugh’s dick began to respond, and Ann reached down, grasping a fold in his ball sack, pulling it up to tighten the skin. An element of whining began to accompany Hugh’s rapid breathing, “Ahh! Ahh! Ahh!,” as Ann positioned the sharp point of the blade against the skin at the base of Hugh’s scrotum. With a firm, steady push, she drove a half-inch of the blade into Hugh’s ball sack.

Hugh shrieked, thrashing his head from side to side, throwing it forward, eyes wide, to stare at his crotch, then back again to toss back and forth.

Ann smiled, and carefully drew the blade up the wrinkled skin, neatly slicing Hugh’s scrotum open to the base of his cock. Hugh, screamed, and gagged, fighting against the strap around his hips. With careful deliberation, Ann curled a finger inside the bright red opening, and carefully drew out one of Hugh’s balls. Hugh’s screaming took on a much higher pitch as Ann severed the testicle, reaching out to place it on a small china plate resting in a bowl of ice.

Meat craned her head for a better view, as Ann reached down again to Hugh’s crotch, slowly working the remaining testicle out of his scrotum, and slicing it away. Hugh screamed, pitched and sweated against his restraints. Ann placed the organ on the plate next to it’s companion, patted Hugh on his chest, and said, “There you go, bull to steer,” as she turned to Meat.

Meat smiled, and threw her back down on the table, placing her feet in the stirrups, spreading her arms so that Ann’s assistants could pin her to the hard wood surface. Ann watched them strap Meat’s feet to the restraints, sharpening her small blade and humming to herself until Meat had been prepared.

Moving between the girl’s spread legs, Ann drew her hand back and forth across Meat’s wet pussy, admiring the full, wrinkled folds of skin. Meat gasped and shuddered as Ann tugged the first half of Meat’s vulva away from her pussy. Beginning at the top, Ann carefully sliced down the length of one side, Meat’s gasps of pleasure changing to cries and shrieks of pain, as Ann slowly carved away first one, then the other of her pussy lips. They joined Hugh’s balls in the small china plate next to the warming sauté pan.

Patting Meat on the thigh, Ann moved to Hugh’s head, positioning it between her strong thighs, so that by sitting down slightly, his chin was forced back, with his throat extended in a line with his ass. Grasping his cock, pleasuring herself on his neck and chin as he struggled, Ann smiled at the two men who began pushing the pole into Hugh’s ass.

“Slowly, now,” Ann cautioned, “ we don’t want to hurt anything too important on the way through.” Hugh choked and convulsed as the spit point moved through his abdomen, probing between his lungs, and into his windpipe. Ann could feel the metal work through his throat in her clenched naked thighs, and complimented the men with a “Well done” as the stake protruded from Hugh’s mouth.

At Meat’s table, other guests had positioned her stake at the pucker of her rectum. Meat pushed herself down onto the point as much as her restraints would allow, fucking the cool metal with her ass as she waited for the helpers to drive it through. Ann stood by her head, and pushed Meat’s chin back with a firm hand to line her up properly, smiling and nodding to her assistants when all was set.

Meat gasped and bucked as the pole slowly pushed into her butt, her orgasm somewhat masking the pain as the point penetrated her intestines, working through her chest and into her throat. Ann restrained Meat's tossing head to insure that the stake made a clean entrance into her throat, and out her mouth.

Now spitted, Hugh and Meat were trussed, their bodies suspended on the brackets that held them above a rectangular box with a hinged lid. Meat’s last conscious memory was the sharp burning, itch-like pain of a knife carefully opening her abdomen, and the nausea and tearing pain of her entrails as they fell from the incision with a wet sloshing slap into the container below.

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