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Author Topic: Of Pipe, Bamboo and Steel  (Read 2218 times)

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Of Pipe, Bamboo and Steel
« on: March 25, 2009, 07:57:17 AM »
Twenty-four hours after entering the Chinese city of Nanking, the Japanese army was unleashed against the civilian population in an orgy of [email protected], torture, and murder.  Europeans and Americans who tried to flee the city, many with their families, found roadblocks preventing their escape so one man, anxious about what might happen to his wife and two young Australian missionaries if they were caught by soldiers, attempted to leave the city taking back roads.  His gamble didn’t pay off ‒ they were stopped by a detail of six soldiers and a sergeant on patrol who immediately alerted an officer, a Major Tanasaki, who quickly responded and ordered that the man be shot and the three young women taken to a nearby recently abandoned home with an grassy patio and garden area and stripped naked. He also ordered soldiers to find two suitable bamboo stakes and embed them into the ground.  A search produced only one piece of bamboo of suitable length and thickness so Tanasaki directed that it and a piece of pipe should be planted into the ground. 

When Tanasaki arrived the women were already naked, and as a precaution their hands had been tied behind their backs.  Ignoring their shaking and crying, he went from woman to woman carefully examining them and fondling their breasts as the soldiers looked enclosed on and grinned.  He then pulled the youngest of the two missionaries, who was barely nineteen, away from the others and told her to get on her knees. Terrified, she immediately knelt, expecting that she was to be beheaded. Instead Tanasaki unbuttoned his pants and withdrew his penis and ordered her to take it into her mouth, threatening to disembowel her if she didn’t please him. She quickly took his penis between her lips and with tears flowing down her cheeks began to massage it as softly as possible.  Her eyes widened as it grew in length but she continued to stroke it with her mouth as Tanasaki contemplated the pleasure he felt from forcing this young Australian missionary to give him a blow job. Suddenly his penis exploded with a torrent of semen, pumping wave after wave into the girl’s throat as she struggled to gasp some air.  When he finished, he stepped back and ordered the sergeant to take his place.

After the sergeant  forced his penis between the woman’s semen-stained lips, he grabbed a handful of hair on each side of her head and began to [email protected] thrust into the girl’s throat, Tanasaki watched approvingly for a few moments, and then gave the remaining soldiers permission to [email protected] the other two women. They rushed forward, seizing the women and throwing them to the ground while jockeying to see who could be first with each one.  One man after the other fucked the two screaming women, laughing at their pitiful pleas, their lust driven to extremes by the knowledge that these would be the two that would be impaled through their vaginas.  They had experienced a similar incident with Tanasaki a month earlier and knew what to expect.

As his men fucked the hysterical women, Tanasaki walked over to inspect the hastily erected piece of pipe and bamboo stake.  Satisfied that both were firmly in the ground, he withdrew his sword and with one carefully aimed downstroke created a point on the exposed end of the bamboo. The pipe, although extremely rigid, was of a small enough diameter that it would easily travel through a woman’s vaginal canal, and if she were shoved down on it hard enough, possibly even enter the neck of her uterus.  It was something to consider, Tanasaki mused.

He glanced at the sergent, who had added his semen to that of the Major’s and was standing guard over the girl who was now lying on the ground sobbing loudly and curled up into a fetal position. Then he turned and watched as the last two soldiers fucked the other women.  When they finished, Tanasaki waited until they had buttoned their pants, and then he pointed at the other missionary, who was still lying on her back with her vagina exposed, and said, “Impale her on the pipe! Push her down onto it as far as she’ll go!” 

Soldiers eagerly pulled the woman to her feet and dragged her to the upturned pipe.  Although she hadn’t understood the Major’s command in Japanese, it immediately became clear to her what the pipe was for and she screamed as they lifted her over it, holding her by her legs and spreading them apart. One man bent down and used his thumbs to part her vaginal lips as they swallowed the end of the pipe, and then he shouted, “It’s inside her!”  Arms encircled her waist and savagely pulled her downward, causing the pipe’s end to enter her uterus.  A loud scream came from her mouth as she vainly kicked at the air, bringing laughter from the soldiers.

“NOW IMPALE THE OTH NOW IMPALE THE OTHER ONE!” Tanasaki ordered, yelling to make himself heard over the girl’s screams.  The soldiers carried the woman, who was begging and pleading, to the bamboo stake and lowered her onto it in the same manner as they had done with the missionary.  As the point penetrated her vaginal canal one of the men placed his hands on her shoulders and applied downward pressure, firmly impaling her.  The screeches of both women mingled into a high-pitched inhuman-sounding scream that made the soldiers grin.

Tanasaki watched the impaled women writhe for a few moments, and then he ordered the soldiers to hold the young missionaries shoulders against the ground while two of the men held her legs in the air as they spread them apart, fully exposing the girl’s vagina.  She began to cry loudly when she saw him remove his sword from its scabbard, and when she felt the tip of the blade enter her vagina, her cries became a scream.  As the girl kicked and bucked, her screaming now non-stop, Tanasaki slowly pushed the sword in until it sliced through her uterus, leaving only slightly more than half the blade’s length visible.  Then he partially withdrew it and with both hand on the hilt, rammed it in as far as it would go.  The girl’s screams were louder than those of the other two women combined.

Tanasaki looked at the sword as it protruded from the girl’s vagina, and then he pulled it out.  Walking around one of the men holding her legs, he knelt down and used the blade to cut off her breasts.  Then he approached the two impaled women and pulled on the left nipple of the other missionary as he sliced off her breast too.  He then repeated it with her right breast.

Turning to the soldiers, who had been watching, he said, “Go ahead and cut this one’s tits off.  She’s still conscious so make her feel it!”  With that, he wiped the blade of his sword on one of the women’s discarded dresses and left the area, listening with satisfaction at the high-pitch gurgling scream coming from the woman as her breasts were being cut off.

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