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Author Topic: "The Last Gift" ending posted, comment please, and hear about upcoming story  (Read 1167 times)

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Hey everybody,
Here is new story "The Last Gift", here is part 1. Before part 2 is posted your comments are wanted.


"The Last Gift"
It was quiet in the car on the ride home. The news they had just got come as a huge shock to Don and Janna. Janna has cancer, a type of which there is no cure. She was going to die a horrible painful death. It seemed strange since she seemed very healthy for a twenty-four year old. She had only gone in for a physical due to it being required for her new job. That new job was now forgotten.

Finally she spoke "You know Don, we could finally go all the way." Don was confused but Janna continued "I don't want to die sick in a hospital bed with tubes sticking in me, I would rather die in one of your nooses when I am still beautiful and I still feel good." Don tried to say something but she kept talking "You know more then anybody that I have always fantasied about hanging to death in your noose. In fact as long as you have fantasied about hanging a girl to death. I could do it for real".

Don and Janna had played with nooses ever since they had discovered that they both loved hanging. Janna had been hanged for play by Don countless times in the last few years. She had learned to hang for a few minutes a time, and that got them going more then anything. Janna friend Michele had even joined with their nooseplay on several occasions after she had discovered one of Dons nooses by accident. She had really gotten into nooseplay as well.

"I really want to give you this " said Janna. " You have given me so much, I want my life to be my last gift to you" Don was stunned by his wife's request. He had always wanted to go all the way and hang a girl to death, someday, He never imaged it could be his beautiful wife Janna. A few years ago, a good friend of theirs, Becky, had volunteered to hang to death for them. But due to the various things happening they had never gone though with it.

He was think of what to say but Janna continued "We could invite Becky and Michelle to help us with my hanging. I know Michelle would. Becky still talks about hanging for us, maybe we could hang her first. It could prepare me for my last dance, we can make love as Becky hangs to death in front of us. Please Don, can we do this?"

Don's mind was spinning, he hated that he would lose his Janna, but at the very least she could choose her final minutes. But it would be very incredible to watch his beautiful wife hang, and if Becky did too, two beautiful women dancing their last dance for him.

He finally spoke, "We have to get a second opinion on the cancer, it has to be treatable".
"No, I don't want that" said Janna "I don't want to spend the rest of my life in the hospital. I want to do this for you. I have always believed I would hang to death for you someday. Please Don, hang me!"
He looked at her and finally said "Yes, Janna, I will do it, I will hate losing you but I would love to see you hang." Janna beamed with happiness. " I will arrange everything, it will be the most wonderful thing you will ever see." As she said that they arrived at their home. She ran in quickly. She went in the office to make the phone calls to arrange her death.

Two hours later she came out. She was smiling and said " Its all arranged. We will do it in three weeks. Both Becky and Michelle are in. Becky is so excited about hanging all the way for us. She is so happy to do it for real finally. Michelle is going to hang Becky for us as we make love for the last time. "
"Wow it really going to happen "said Don. A mere three hours or so and his life was really going to be different and his fantasy would become real.

The three weeks went past quickly. Don and Janna had passionate sex every day, what was to come made them go wild. Janna made the other preparations for her hanging death. She told her family and friend of her cancer and that she didn't have long. They said their goodbyes after the shock of her upcoming death set in. She got the house ready for Michelle and Becky's arrival.

Michele and Becky came two days before the big day. Becky was especially excited. Michele had never really thought about actually hanging all the way before but was excited to see it happen. Janna had decided she and Becky would hang in the large master bath of their home. About the only thing she had Don do was make the nooses for her and Becky. The house buzzed with activity.

end of chapter 1

The more comments the faster part 2 will come. Its more fun to wait for the ending isn't it?

Well you got lucky, I got comments from the boards at Dolcettgirls and Dolcettish. The story board here sure doesn't get the traffic that they do, which is too bad since there are some really great stories here.

Well here it is.

Chapter 2

Finally the last day arrived. The two days since Becky and Michelle had arrived had been filled with noose-play and sex. Michelle's endurance in a noose was really improving lasting minutes as they played. Becky hadn't been in the noose as much as Janna and Michelle. But that was going to change.

They had all slept in late. They got up and sat in the hot tub and then showered together. They had lunch. It would be Becky and Janna's last meal. Meanwhile Don set up the nooses. They were thick rope, designed for the slowest slow hang. They could hang for as long as possible. They were also set so the girls could be hoisted up and down from the ground. The plan was to take the girls off their feet multiple times before tying off their nooses for the final time. They hoped for many hours of fun before Becky and Janna died.

It was late afternoon when they started. The master bath was all ready. Lots of candles and pillows etc to make it comfortable. The two nooses hung down from a beam, they have hoists attached to hold the girl being hanged in place. They were all nude. Becky stood next to her noose and Don helped her put it on. He put it on tight. She gasped a little as he tightened it. It wasn't going to come off of her alive. He then put in a butt plug.

Janna passionate kissed Becky goodbye "Thank you so much for helping us making this fantasy a realty. " said Janna
"Your so welcome " Becky said" I have always wanted to hang for you and Don for so long now, I am so happy to do it for real now. " she continued " I want you, Janna to pull me to my tiptoes for the first time as we start my hanging".
"You bet" said Janna "You ready to hang for us?"
"Yes, " said Becky " Pull me up!" Janna started to pull on the rope and Becky started to rise from the ground. She soon was on her tiptoes, and was breathing very hard.

Janna pulled the rope and lifted Becky off the floor. Becky began to strangle, and she made gasping and gagging noises. Michelle rubbed Becky's pussy and she came quickly. Becky began rubbing herself as well. This happened for a few minutes, and Janna then lowered Becky back to her tiptoes. Becky then took in huge breaths of air as she took a short rest.

Janna then sat on Don's huge erect cock and started to pump hard. Michelle then pulled on Becky's rope lifting her from her tiptoes back into the air. Becky began to strangle once again. Janna and Don watched Becky dance away her life as they had the most intense sex of their lives. This went on as for more then a hour as Michelle would lower Becky so she could rest and get a little air. Don and Janna couldn't believe how great the sex was while Becky did her dance. Becky would bounce and kick and thrash wildly in her noose. Michelle was rubbing her pussy with abandon.

But Michelle was making Becky's breaks shorter and shorter. Becky was sweaty from the torture. She was getting tired from the air-dancing. Finally it was getting to the time to end it. Janna, Michelle and Don said their goodbyes to Becky. She gasped in a raspy voice, back her goodbyes and thanks. "Your going to love it Janna, it has been incredible, you should do it too Michelle."

"Are you ready Becky" said Michelle" I am not going to take you down this time"
"Yes" gasped Becky "I am ready, do it!" Michelle pulled on the rope lifting Becky for the last time. This time she pulled Becky higher into the air. Becky began to kick hard as she began the last part of her dance. Michele, Don and Janna watched with awe as Becky gave her all. She bounced and spun around on her noose. Since she had been hanging for more then a hour so she began to slow. She was still rubbing her pussy. Michelle rubbing her pussy too. Becky gave a huge shutter as she came for the last time. Then she hung limply. Becky was dead.

Michelle, Janna and Don took a much needed break. They left Becky hanging in her noose, her corpse turned slowly in the air. After a while it was time. Janna stood next to her noose. Don helped her put it on. It was time to say their goodbyes. "I am so glad to give you this gift. I hope you enjoy my hanging as much as Becky's did for me." said Janna.
"I will miss you, I am a lucky guy to have had you, I know I will love your hanging. " said Don. "Are you sure you really want to do this? Its your last chance to back out"
"No, my dear, I want this more then anything. Even if I wasn't going to die of cancer I would have wanted to die for you in this noose." said Janna "Please do it now, pull me off the ground and hang me until I die". Don tightened the noose.

Don began to pull on the rope, and Janna started to rise, Michele rubbed Janna's pussy as her toes left the ground. Janna began her dance. She gasped and made gagging noises. Michele took the rope and pulled Janna higher. Don then grabbed on to her, and put his cock in her pussy. Michelle adjusted Janna at the right height for Don to fill her completely. Janna put her legs around Don as they had frantic sex. She got some support but was getting very little air. Once in a while Don would lift Janna and she took in air.

Janna's pussy was nothing like it was that time, thought Don. It had to be related to her imminent demise. She didn't care that she had little to no air. They went on for more then an hour. Janna was getting tired. Michelle then lowered Janna back to her tiptoes. She took in deep breathes. She tried to speak, but it was raspy. Janna said "Its incredible to hang like this, it the best high ever." She turned to her friend Michelle and said "I am so glad you could be here for my last dance. You should let Don hang you, not just for play, but to the end. Good-bye my friend" She then turned to Don and said " Thank you for hanging me and giving me my last fantasy. I love so much, Goodbye."
"You have been the best wife a man could ever have." said Don "I will miss you so much. I hope you enjoy the rest of your hanging like I am".
"It has been the best, I wish it could go on forever" said Janna "It time, no more breaks, please cum in me one more time."

Michelle pulled on Janna's rope, pulling her back into the air. Don entered her pussy and pulled her into position. Michelle adjusted the rope, and Don and Janna went at it. Janna didn't have much time. She got some air from the support she got from riding Don. But the thrusting would pull her down strangling her. The noose bit deep into her neck cutting off more and more air. Don cum deep into Janna with a huge shutter which pulled Janna down hard. Don noticed and lifted Janna up for one last breath. She took in as deep a breath that she could. She was deeply strangled by then.

Don stepped back and let the noose take all of Janna's weight. Michelle pulled the rope, making Janna rise higher off the floor. The strangling increased, and Janna began to kick wildly. Her toes reached for the floor they would never touch again. She twisted and turned as the dance passed into the final deadly phase. Michelle gave Don a blow-job but he hardly noticed. Janna seemed to call on much strength, as her dance continued. The noose-play had trained her well. Time was not on her side. She was tiring and it was happening fast. She started to slow. Janna was still fingering herself and she cum one last time. Don exploded in Michelle's mouth. Soon Janna wasn't moving much. Her hand fell to her side and her body shuttered and hung still. Janna was dead.

Chapter 3

Michelle and Don slept in late the next day. When Don finally awoke, he looked up and saw Michele. Michele was naked, and was standing on a small step stool. She had a noose around her neck which was attached to the beam above them. "Morning Don, I hope i didn't wake you?"
"Not at all, Michelle" said Don "Looking for some noose-play before you go home?"
"No, Don" she said "I want you to hang me like Becky and Janna. I want you to kick away the stool, and watch me strangle for you in this noose. I want you to hang me until I die. Tie my hands behind my back and take away my air."
"Really, Michele?" said Don "Do you really want to go all the way"
"Yes, Don. Hang me, don't take the noose off me until I am dead."

"You can do it Don, I want you to hang me. " said Michelle "After I saw Becky and then Janna, I knew I had to hang for you. I had not thought about going all the way and hanging to death, but now I know I must. Please hang me, Don, you will love it!"
"Yes" said Don " I will hang you, Michele. I thank you for your gift. I've had two beautiful women hang for me, and now the gift of a third. It was incredible to watch Becky and my Janna. It will be for me to watch you do your last dance."

Don opened a drawer and took out a pair of handcuffs that he had used on Janna many times. Michelle put her hands behind her back and Don put them on her. "Put them on tighter, Don" she said. Don then tightened them more. Don then went to the rope and pulled Michelle to her tiptoes. She was breathing heavily and was being to sweat. He tied off the rope.

"Last chance, Michelle." said Don.
"Kick the stool away, goodbye Don, thank you." said Michelle
Don walked up to the noosed and bound Michelle, he reached down and pulled at the stool. She stepped off as he took it away. Michelle dropped an inch or so and began her last dance. There would be no breaks for Michelle. The noose took all of her weight. She kicked and bounced around.

Don stroked his long cock and watched Michelle hang. It had been an incredible two days watching three beautiful women do their last dance for him. Michelle was an experience noose dancer and it showed. She went on for twenty minutes. She had enormous amounts of energy. But the noose was going to win. Michelle's air was running out fast since she had no breaks. She started to slow and Don knew she was almost done. The hanging entered the last phase. Michelle wasn't moving much. Don could see as she tried to make out the words good-bye. He cum and some landed on Michelle. A minute later she went limp. Michelle hung dead in her noose.

The End.

epilogue: Janna had known in her mind that Michelle would want to be hanged. So she had it planned with three of her other friends to help Don with the cleaning up. They had known of her hanging fantasies. Amy, Nicole, and Emily came and helped clean up. They were amazed of what they saw. They were interested and asked many questions.

Over the next months they all began to participate in noose-play with Don. They all loved it. A year after Becky, Janna and Michelle had done the last dance, Don hanged Amy, Nicole and Emily to death. The next year, after Don found some new girls to noose-play, two girls did their last dance. Every year since then, Don has hanged a girl to death in Janna's memory.

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Please comment on the story, it means alot to me to hear your feedback. It makes writing much easier to do, if I know what people think of it. It also gives me ideas for new stories, sometimes a comment can make a idea pop.

I started a sequel to this story. So comment the on "the gift" and the upcoming story and stay tuned, hopefully I will have a new story to share with you all soon.

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