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New Story : Late
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:06:30 AM »
I thought you might like this little offering



The black Porsche convertible screeched into the car park, coming to a halt in the bay nearest the main doors in a cloud of dust; the woman driving it flung open the door and leaving it wide open, ran towards the entrance. She was a long haired blonde in her mid twenties, wearing a white blouse, a short grey suit skirt and high heeled sandals. Her hair was loose around her shoulders.

Reaching the door of the building, she flung it open wide and rushed through into the wide brightly lit reception area. Pausing a second to get her bearings, she spotted the reception desk and ran towards it calling in a loud voice.

“I’m sorry, I’m late, I’m sorry, don’t hurt my family”.

The woman behind the desk, a woman of about 40 with her dark hair pulled into a loose knot and wearing the black and white uniform of the Department of Corrections, looked up slowly from behind the desk and stopped typing.

“Name?” she snapped.

“Ayslene Nichols”.

“You are late,” the Department of Corrections woman said “I was just about to issue the warrants for your family”

“I know” Ayslene responded, “there was a big pile up on the freeway, and I couldn’t get a signal to call”

Ayslene had been convicted of fraud against the state 10 days earler, a capital crime, but had been released for the 10 days prescribed by law in order to “put her affairs in order” before her execution. The return of the condemned prisoners was very simply enforced. If they didn’t, then their partners, c h i l dren, parents and other close relatives (all of whom were electronically tagged during the process), would be executed instead. When the process had been introduced 25 years earlier, few thought it would work, but a few high profile examples of whole families being put to death had quickly ensured almost total compliance.

“Hmmmm, I don’t know,” the DoC woman said, you are very late and most of the others for today have already been…mmmm...processed”

“Please, please” pleaded Ayslene, “I did try, honestly. It’s not fair to execute my whole family, just because I was caught up in a traffic jam”

“Let me check”, the DoC woman said.

She got up from behind the computer and went out through a door behind her. The door shut with a loud thunk!

Ayslene waited growing more and more agitated as the minutes passed.

After about 5 minutes the other woman returned.

“I’ve spoken to the duty executioner and he says they will make an exception if you can be ready right now. They’ve actually finished all the others, so you’ll need to go straight on down to the execution chamber and be stripped ready with your hair up, when you get there”

“What, where do I go? ” Ayslene asked looking round, her wildly.

“Right down to the far end” The DoC woman snapped, pointing to a large metal door set into the wall at the far end of a corridor running off to the left of the reception desk “Go!”

Ayslene turned round, saw where the woman was pointing and started to run down the corridor.

“Remember, you need to be stripped off ready, when you get there”, the woman called after her.

Ayslene raised her hand to indicate she had heard, and started unbuttoning her blouse as she ran. As soon as it was undone, she pulled her arms out of the sleeves and threw it to the ground, revealing a lacy white bra. Unhitching the catch at the back of her skirt, she pushed it down over her hips, paused slightly get let it fall down her legs, then with a slight stumble, jumped out of it and continued running down the corridor. Her bra was next, dropping to the floor to reveal a pair of full, rounded breasts, with prominent dark pink nipples, breasts that bounced enticingly as she ran.

Almost at the door now, she paused; kicked her sandals off and reaching behind her, gripped her hair in her left hand and reached across with her right, to twist it up into a loosly knotted pony tail. It wouldn’t win any awards for style, but it would do what was needed!

She turned back towards the woman at the desk, shouted “Thanks”, pushed her panties down her legs, to reveal a neatly trimmed triangle of dark hair at her groin, that belied the colour of the hair on her head, stepped out of the panties, turned around, pulled the metal door open and stepped inside.

As she watched, the woman heard the executioner ask Ayslene to confirm her name, which she did, then instruct her to stand with her back to the wall, hands behind her back.

Ayslene did as she was instructed, a look of mixed relief and apprehension on her face. Relief that she had managed to save her family from her own fate, apprehension, because of the pain and death to that was to come.

The door remained open and the woman heard the executioner read out the charge and the verdict,. There was then a moment’s silence, followed by a rattle as the soldiers prepared their weapons. She saw Ayslene tense up and shut her eyes, then with a sound like distant thunder, it was all over. The woman saw a splatter of red marks appear across Ayslene's full breasts and saw her pushed violently backwards into the wall behind her, where she stood motionless for a moment, before her legs gave way and she slid down the wall, leaving a red smear behind her. As her bottom hit the floor, she toppled onto her left side to lay half in and half out the metal door, the bloody wounds in her breasts clearly visible.

A few seconds later a young officer appeared in the doorway and reached down to feel Ayslene’s neck for a pulse. Obviously feeling something, he drew his weapon and placed the muzzle against the side of her head. He looked up at the woman at the desk, mouthed the word sorry and then pulled the trigger.

Ayslene's head jerked and a gout of blood mixed with brain matter shot out of the exit wound as the bullet slammed into the floor beneath her. Her legs twitched once, twice, then she was still.

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