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Title: Pepelepew Snuff
Post by: Pepelepew on October 30, 2016, 07:47:37 PM
A late evening was a woman in bed with a naked dead woman. The woman inflated a round, clear, shiny and purple balloon with Grimace printed on at a McDonald's that evening. Loud creaks and hisses came from the clear shiny balloon that the horny woman with a hof stiff vagina blew air in, as the Grimace print grew too despite that the woman had a balloon phobia. The aroused woman saw the lifeless naked woman through the big growing clear balloon body.  Then was the woman grabbing the big creaking balloon that landed on the cold body of the lifeless woman for over two hours, as the woman then rubbed the creaking balloon against the cold genitals on the lifeless woman until early in the morning.
Title: Re: Pepelepew Snuff
Post by: Pepelepew on October 30, 2016, 07:56:45 PM
One evening was a woman and a dead naked woman lying in a bed together. The woman got a large, clear, round, shiny pink balloon at her Birthday party that day despite the woman had a fright of balloons. That evening was the aroused woman with hard genitals grabbing the loudly creaking balloon that bumped against the lifeless woman in over two hours. Later at midnight was the sleepy woman waking up as she brushed the very loud squealing balloon against the static hair on the lifeless woman for over two hours. That early morning was the horny woman catching the creaking balloon that bumped against the cold dead naked woman'sa body for a long time.
Title: Re: Pepelepew Snuff
Post by: Pepelepew on November 01, 2016, 10:42:17 PM
A girl went to a fair by a city one sunny summer morning with her sister. The sister and her son got an orange, clear and shiny printed balloon on a stick each at a tent. A man met with the sister at the fair that wanteds to play balloon with her to give them, their first sexul education. Even while the man and the two k i ds was scared of balloons were it tickling in their privates too by playing with the balloon in the crowded park. The balloon made soft noises by being grabbed and pushed to by the morning horny man and the two little girls. Later on had the aroused man unzipped his pants, and rubbed the raised warm boner inside his pants. The girl was rubbing the squeaking balloon against the tits on the woman held for a while, as the man rubbed his boner in his pants. Over two hours later had the man got his pants soaking wet of genital milk. On the way home that afternoon in the frontseat of the car had the girl sat beside her driving sister, and been petting a round and shiny blue ad balloon she got at the fair. As the balloon whined by being kissed and rubbed by the ecstatic girl, was she rubbing her genitals. The girl rubbed her breasts in over an hour, until the seats got sprayed over with cum twice in a row.