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risky fun
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:05:18 AM »
My risks chapter 1
My decent into taboo depravity began after my divorce. It started with reading online stories, then buying a toy or two to use
while reading them. Gradually the stories I seeked out and read became more risque' and risky. My activities also became more
perverse. I started with the usual, a vibrator or dildo, then bigger ones, then anal toys, and nonsexual objects as toys. I also started
trying out things that I read about, such as peeing in the bathtub, then out in the yard. I began to wear more "accidently" revealing
clothes in public, and began to get a thrill from the attention I sometimes got while at the adult store to buy a toy.
One day, while at the store, I was so horny, and a stranger there rubbed against me, and I returned the flirt. We ended up going
to a nearby motel and having sex, and it was hot. I found that the risks of going off with a stranger were what had made it so
intense for me. I began to chat with guys in chatrooms, and occasionally meet a stranger for sex. The riskier it was, the better.
Then I began chatting with a guy who mesmerized me. He said he liked raw, [email protected] sex. We had cybersex, and phonesex,
many times. His crude, raw ways captivated me. I told him about my fascination with risks, and that's when he told me more about
him. He told me in what I found to be an erotically crude way that he'd always "Boned every woman I could, be it a drugged up whore
or a CEO's wife" He also said that somewhere along the line, he'd acquired HIV. I listened wide-eyed. There was a silence, and he
said "you havn't hung up". "No" I said, and sat there clutching the phone to my ear. "You like risk" he said. "How would you like to
meet with me for some real risk?" My skin felt flushed, and I noticed that my nipples were hard. I was actually aroused at the thought
of what he was proposing. "How would that be?" I asked with a trembling voice. He explained that there were lots of ways. We could
just have sex, and I'd trust him to pull out. Or I could be the one to determine when we separate. I thought a minute "Perhaps a timer"
I blurted out, not even realizing what I'd said until after it was out. We talked some more, and I said I'd think about it.
Over the next couple of days, I could hardly sleep or function, and had more orgasms than I could keep track of. At times I was so
aroused that my clit was swelled to bursting, and I had an orgasm just walking from the friction of my pants working against it. I would
just spontaneously hump whatever was close at the time, from a banana to the handle on the plunger in the bathroom. Finally, I couldn't
take it anymore. If just thinking about it was this hot, the real thing would be incredible. I called him and we arranged to meet.
We met at first in a mall. I'm 39, 5'5" and 140 pounds. I dressed in a thin white teeshirt, and no bra underneith. I also put on a pair
of loose fitting shorts that were provacatively short. I let my blond, sholder length hair hang down loose, and put on some sandals.
While walking through the mall to meet him, my nipples were standing up, poking at the thin shirt, and my shorts were damp from my
arousal. Finally, I saw him. He was about 6 foot tall, thin, with short curly hair, and was wearing faded jeans and a white teeshirt. Our
eyes met, and I melted. We sat and began talking, no small talk, just started right in about sex. He reminded me first that he had aids,
and anything we did would put me at risk, so it was my choice. I told him it was the risk that had brought me here. He said that he'd
jacking off several times a day since I'd agreed to meet him, because the risk aroused him too, but he'd never met anyone else who was
that into risk. He said that we could play in all kinds of ways with the timing of his pulling out being the end, but he wasn't sure about
the precum. I had an idea for that. We would use a spermicide rated to kill it, and that should take care of the precum, but if he shot
off, it wouldn't be enough for all that. With that in mind, we set off to the adult store to buy some spermicide.
We groped and grabbed each other as we entered the store. There were two people working, one man and one woman. We wandered
around the store a bit, working into a frenzy. Finally, we grabbed a tube of spermicide and went to the counter. The man and woman
looked at both of us, and the spermicide. Then the woman laid a pack of condoms on the counter too. I giggled and said we wouldn't
need those. Both of there eyes got big, and John, the guy I was with, told them that I knew and wanted the risk. The woman guffawed,
but the man working there began to smile and his gaze turned to me, and he looked at me in a way I'd never seen before. We payed for
the spermicide and headed to the closest motel.
As soon as we got in the motel room, we began to attack each other. Our clothes were off in no time. His cock was just like him, long
and thin. It bobbed out in front of him, a drop of clear precum dangling from the end. He grabbed me and our bodies pressed together, his
cock prodding me in the belly, as his tongue urgently probed my mouth. I ran my hands up and down his arms, his chest, and his shoulders
He grabbed my breasts and squeezed hard, then ran his hands around my sides and began to roughly knead my ass cheeks. I grabbed
the tube of spermicide, squirted a bunch into my pussy, and into my hand, and began to jack his cock, rubbing it in.
He grabbed my arms tight, looked at me, and said "You're such a slut, I'm going to fuck the sh!t out of you" and with that, he pushed
me backwards onto the bed. Being a nurse most guys always try to sweet talk me, but for whatever reason, crude talk turns me on more.
I instantly spread my legs, and he mounted me. In one swoop, his cock plunged in all the way. I gasped as an orgasm rippled through me
instantly. He laid there on top of me, taking slow deep breaths. "You're the first woman I've fucked in two years, since getting aids" he
said. He slowly began to pull out, then slid in, out, in. Then stopped, buried deep, and gyrated side to side. I dug my nails into his upper
arms and gasped again, my juice running out and down to the bed. He looked down at me again "You like this, slut? you like the risk
of my hiv infested cock? I could shoot into you, or pull out, it really doesn't matter to me" I shuddered and whimpered as hearing his words
triggered another orgasm in me. As that one subsided, I babbled "yes, I like it, I'm a slut and like the risk. Do whatever you want with me,
shoot in me or on me, I'm yours to do with as you want." With that, he began to hammer me, fucking into me with wild abandon. Suddenly,
my whole body tensed, and it felt like I was having a seizure as a tremendous orgasm wracked my body. My eyes rolled up, my fingers
dug in, and my toes curled. My stomach muscled clenched and I let out a loud mewling groan. As though through a great distance I
heard him growl, and thrust hard, then pulled out, and the next thing I felt was hot splatters on me as his cum launched from his cock,
landing on my neck, tits, belly, some even all the way up to my hair. As our orgasm subsided, he collapsed next to me. I laid there for a
long time trying to catch my breath, temporarily satiated and yet still horny too.
I began to play with his cum, rubbing it on my skin like lotion, while he watched. Eventually we started talking, and both agreed that we
were going to enjoy playing with each other a lot, and in a lot of taboo ways.

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