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Snuffsex, chapter 2
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:04:42 AM »
Snuffsex, chapter 2
We looked at each other. We smiled. We kissed. I broke the silence. "I want this so bad, I'm horny all the time at the thought of it. I want to please
you too. I want you to fuck me to death." At these words, his cock started getting hard again. "I want to fuck you to death, and I love it that you want me
too. I want to feel your neck in my hands, feel your body spasming, first from orgasm, then from dying, as I fuck a load of cum into you."
I whimpered with desire. I started kissing him, then licking. I licked down his face, his neck. I kept my mouth going, down to his chest, swirled my
tongue around each nipple, then across his belly. I wiggled my tongue in his belly button, before going down further. I licked his cock, his balls, and
kept going, down each leg, sucking his toes. Then I told him to roll over, and I licked up the backside of his legs. Behind his knees he really groaned.
I moved up to his butt, licking and playfully biting each cheek, then pulled them apart and pushed my face in. He said he liked rim jobs, but it was hard
to find a woman who would do them. I was going to give him one he'd remember. I darted my tongue in, deep, wiggling it, my lips pressed tight to his rim,
french kissing his ass. Eventually, I pulled out, drug my tongue upward, his lower back.
Finally I stopped, sighed. I got up, and he did too. We walked slowly to the bed. He laid down on it, on his back. I got on next to him, looked down
at him. My pulse was speeding up, this was it. I was going to get my last fuck, I was committing the ultimate act of submission, and I wanted it. I
wanted to feel his cock deep in my pussy, wanted to feel his hands on my neck, tightening. I wanted to hear him grunting, knowing he was killing me and
getting off on it. I wanted to feel his cum spurting deep into my womb just as I got lightheaded.
My nipples were hard as stones. My clit too. I was trembling slightly, not from fear, but from desire. I swung a leg over, facing away from him, and
slowly lowered myself onto him. I felt his cockhead push my pussy lips, hit my clit, and a small orgasm shuddered through me. I let my weight settle me
down onto him, and all of a sudden, I was all the way down, his balls pressing against my clit. "oohhhhhhh, sh!tt, yes, fuck me" I moaned. He grunted.
He ran his hands up my back. Then he grabbed my around my waist. He lifte me, then pulled me down, lifted me, pulled me down. "You're such a slut" he
panted, as I moaned, breathing hard, another orgasm approaching. He kept it up and my second orgasm hit me, hard this time. I threw my head back,
nostrils flared. I heard him "I'm going to literally fuck you to death, and I'm getting off on it, and so are you, aren't you?" Still panting,
gasping, I nodded my head "Yes, I'm getting off knowing you're fucking me to death."
For the next few minutes we just fucked. He didn't have to move me up and down, I was doing it. I was bouncing on him, knowing that when I brought
him to orgasm, I'd die, and wanting it. My hair was askew, my tits bouncing up and down fast. Suddenly I heard him tense. I heard him grunt. I felt
his cock harden even more. I knew this was it. Suddenly, unexpectedly, my body tensed too. At the same time, I felt his hands encircle my neck.
The most intense orgasm yet hit us both at the same time. My eyes rolled up, drool and jibberish from my mouth, nipples so stiff they hurt, my clit
feels like it's going to explode. I feel his hands tighten. I feel my stomach convusing with orgasmic spasms, my pussy clamping down so hard he's
stuck in me. I can't draw any breath. I start to reach for his arms, but fight down the urge, this is what I wanted. I can feel his cock, his cum
spurting into my womb. The room gets a little darker, the sound a little muffled. My body jerks with renewed orgasm, which happens when deprived of
oxygen. I hear him laughing, saying something. It's the last thing I hear "You're such a slut you got off on me fucking you to death". I feel my body
still spasming, but the room is dark, spinning, noise all muffled now. I feel my muscles weaken, my head starts to loll about, and then....Nothing.

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