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$nuffsex, chapter 1
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:05:02 AM »
$nuffsex, chapter 1I couldn't believe it has happened. At least so far. I'm 39 years old. Divorced. No k i ds. I had been the 'prim and proper' wife, and one day he shattered my world by leaving me for a younger woman. After feeling depressed for awhile, I began to surf the internet. I discovered erotic stories, and would read them, getting aroused by them, masterbating while I read them. As time went by, the subject matter of the stories that aroused me changed, became more freakish, bizarre. I went to an adult store to get a toy or two, and discovered that I found it thrilling that total strangers would look at me with lust in there eyes, and some would touch, rub, and grope me. I started going there more often, and having sex with some of them. It was such a risk, a total stranger, never knowing what they might do. Then I discovered chatrooms, and found even more wildly good times. When I was married, I thought having sex with the lights on was kinky, but now my morals were out the window. I made up my mind that I wanted to experience everything that a woman could, no matter what it was, at least try it once. And over the last couple of years I have. Slowly I became infatuated with the ultimate experience, being $nuffed during sex. That's what brought me to where I'm at now.
I met someone online, in a chatroom. We began talking about $nuff scenes. We roleplayed some. It was hot. slowly our talk turned to doing it for real, and how it could be done. Being divorced, no k i ds, not even close friends, no one would miss me enough to spend a lot of time searching for me, and if I covered my tracks well, they wouldn't be able too trace me anyway. So, a few weeks ago I left my house early, only carrying money on me, nothing else. I walked to the bus station, and bought a ticket. After two days of bus riding, I arrived in the town he lived in. I walked according to his directions, until I was at a park, and that's where I met John for the first time. I don't know if John is his real name, and don't really care. We got in his car, drove to the country. Back in the wooks is a small cabin. We went in. I've been here for the past few weeks. The plan is that he wants to strangle me during sex, but since neither of us has to worry about time, we're first spending all the time we can having wild, totally uninhibitted sex. We've had anal every way you can think of. Water sports too. Drinking it from champagne glasses. Even experimenting with [email protected] He has fisted me so deep, you can see the outline of his hand in my lower abdomen as it distends me outward. He's fisted me anally. It hurt at first, but I've gotten used to it and now love it. I crave every fetish act we do, no matter what it is, but I yearn for the final fuck. I reminded him. We've done every fetish act we could both think of, and it's time to get on with the final one. This afternoon we went out back, in the woods, and dug a deep hole. We both dug. We were both naked. It was hot, arousingly hot. He kept telling me this is where he is going to dump my body after he's fucked me to death. I had an orgasm every time he said it. When we finished the hole, we got in the bottom and he fucked me so hard, so intense. After he came, I used my tongue to clean him, then sucked his balls, and moved behind him and gave him a long, deep rim job, getting him hard again. He fucked me again, but this time up my ass, because that's where I told him I wanted it. That was a short time ago. we are lying on the floor of the cabin right now, relaxing, his cum slowly seeping out of me and running down my legs. Very soon I'm going to mount him for our final fuck

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