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something a little different...
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:13:57 AM »
I have finally grown bold enough to try to post something of an artistic nature to this board. Since I can't draw to save my life, I am stuck with words..Keep in mind it is my first attempt. Hope you like.

it's been a long step outside, your tits instantly begin to harden at the bite of the cool morning. God how you love to feel the coolness on your skin.. if only you could be somewhere else, were you could shed your business dress suit and feel the coolness all over your body your heels click across cold pavement as you walk to your car your mind is wandering.. you don't notice the shadow on the ground.. till it's too late.. suddenly your world goes instantly black, you feel rough hands take hold of you.. you let out a muffled scream, but no one can hear it! you feel yourself pressed up against a vehicle, your mind is full of fear and then excitement as you feel the weight of your attacker pining you to the truck.. you hear the door open, then grunt as you are tossed into the back ..for a second you are free.. then the weight of him comes down on you.. you struggle hard in the darkness.. trying to kick your way out.. punching and clawing.. but it's no use.. quickly your hands are zip tied behind you.. your ankles are pulled up behind you.. in seconds you are hogtied. you open your mouth to scream, but your mouth is quickly filled with a gag.. you hear your muffled assailant laugh .. suddenly your predicament hits you.. you are hogtied in a back of a truck, can't see. can't scream helpless at the feet of God knows who.. your initial thoughts are ones of fear.. God what is going to happen to me? what is going on? you hear the truck start.. feel it start to move.. as the truck takes corners, you slide across the floor of the truck.. the cold bed pressing your blouse across your tits.. your scared, but damn.. the coolness feels so good against your hard tits.. you struggle to get your legs free.. but as you do, your nylons rub against your clit.. you hate to admit it.. but for some reason, even though you are not sure what is going on, the combination of the cool morning, the feel of tight restraint, and that cursed vibration in the driveline is getting you more excited then you would care to admit.. you feel the truck slow down and turn off the road..damn.. now what.. the truck stops.. you hear the door open.. feel rough hands on you .. pull you out roughly.. and toss you on the ground.. more roughly then you would like.. you are picked up.. put onto some kind of cart, and rolled somewhere.. it stops.. your hogtied is undone, and your pulled up to your feet.. your hands are pulled up..and stretched out and quickly hear clicking noises and feel yourself pulled up.. almost up on your toes.. you legs are untied, and quickly retied to a spreader feel the cold steel of a blade as it is pressed against your skin as you feel your dress suit being cut off your body.. your bra is next.. your breasts burst out like waters behind a damn, finally your panties.. you feel a tug.. then once more coolness.. you feel him reach up and take out the gag.. Go ahead and yell for help if you like.. no one can hear you. So there you are hanging , spread eagle up on you toes.. blindfolded, wondering what is going to happen next.. but nothing does... all you can hear is the sound of wind.. feel it as it caresses your naked breast..
you hear it first.. the sound of the whip as it zips through the air.. suddenly your ass feels like it is on fire.. you cry out a muffled cry.. hear the footsteps as he walks around you.. you try to get a fix on them.. then you hear it again.. feel it bite into the other cheek..... over and over till your whole ass feels like it is on fire.. each stroke is cold and calculated.. Your mind is racing..not sure what to do.. damn another stroke hits.. Suddenly you are aware that with each lash of the whip.. your body starts to betray you.. the heat thats building in your cheeks has somehow found their way deep inside your pussy.. beads of sweat start to pour down your brow as the combination of the position and the whipping is taking its toll.. then you hear it .. the smack of the whip.. but no burning sting.. instead.. you feel the sensation of his tongue as it traces up the inside of your leg.. you mind says no.. you want to get away.. but your body.. betrays you yet feel guilty that this stranger who has stolen you away.. is making you feel like this.. you feel his rough fingers as they spread your tender pussy lips apart.. you gasp as you feel a tongue flicker ever so briefly on your clit.. then feel it as it is dragged down the inside of your pussy lips.. the combination of pain and fear and then sweet gentleness is mind blowing.. you almost come at the first touch.. then you feel the slap of the whip as is burns across your cheeks.. You will come when I tell you too.. a strange voice says..the fear quickly rushes up.. as your mind tries to identify the voice.. you don't know this man.. you feel him move behind you.. his rough fingers on your tits.. lifting them up and around in circular motions.. then it stops.. he whispers in your know.. this is going to be your last night on earth.. you might as well enjoy it....
your mind goes numb.. Oh My God.. this isn't a game.. who is this guy.. what is he going to do to me.. .. what does he mean.. last night on earth..what kind of freak has got me? .. why won't someone help me? What am I going to do?

But first I plan on playing with you hear the raspy voice say.. Lets play a game he says..

you feel your hands come down.. feel them being tied behind you.. you feel your legs set free.. you try to run away.. but you can't.. you feel yourself forced to walk up some steps.. then he tells you to stand up on two blocks.. your legs are once again forced apart with a spreader bar.then you feel it.. the weight of it falls on your chest.. then you feel the pressure.. hear the clicks as it tightens around your neck..the rope tightens more and more.. you stand up on your toes so you can breathe.. Your breath is coming fast now... you are so scared.. OMG.. he is going to hang me.. your mind is racing.. trying to think of some way to get away..
but there is nothing you can do.. the blindfold comes off.. you are in front of a mirror standing on two blocks. legs spread on your tiptoes.. you realize that if you bend your knees in anyway you will slowly strangle.. you see the stranger wearing a ski mask.. as he walks around you.. your vision is somewhat limited as your chin is forced up by the rope.. you feel a sharp bite on your tit.. then a vibration.. damn that hurt.. then the other one goes on.. damn.. it hurts.. but feels good at the same time.. here are rules he says.. walking around you.. you feel wetness in your ass.. as he lubes it up.. sticking a nice little vibrator up your ass.. making you gasp... this is the must stay in this position till I decide to let you down.. if you fall off the blocks.. well you will feel him kneel infront of you.. feel his fingers probing your wetness.. damn.. my body.. here I am spread out in front of this [email protected] could die any minute.. and my pussy is on fire.. as you feel his hot breath on you.. you feel a buzz in your ass.. oh no.. you think.. all this time the vibrators on your tits have been buzzing.. and that combined with the vibrator in your ass.. then you feel it.. his tongue deep inside you.. your mind is rocked.. you struggle to maintain your balance.. damn.. that was close.. almost are you going to survive this? can I stay absolutely still you think to yourself.. on no.. there goes his tongue again.. this time you feel yourself being spread omg.. he is sucking my clit.. yes.. that feels good.. yes.. you feel yourself start to fall again.. damn.. not sure I can keep this up.. suddenly you feel him shift under you.. feel the head of his rock hard cock barely enter you.. yes.. . you think more..more.. a little more.. you bend your knees.. gagging yourself in the progress.. yes.. thats it.. you must have it inside you you think.. if I am going to die.. at least I should get to feel a hard cock deep inside me.. damn.. you have to stand up.. as you gasp for air, you feel his fingers on your clit.. feel the head of his cock just inside you.. the vibration of your nipples.. the vibrator in your ass.. yes.. must have it inside me.. you lean down once more.. the noose is tighter this time.. but this time you manage to drive his cock deeper inside you.. yes.. oh yes.. your eyes start to blur.. you stand up.. damn so close.. so close to an orgasm.. what a wicked game this is.. If you squat down you could die.. but if you don't you can't cum.. and yet the heat burns hotter with each moment.. if only .. in only you could just thrust yourself down onto his cock... in one final ultimate moment.. you feel his fingers.. again.. the heat is so hot.. God it feels like your pussy is going to burst into flames.. it needs to be filled so badly .... you sit down this time harder.. your to the point of not caring anymore.. all you want to do is feel this rock hard cock deep inside you.. filling you up.. one quick hard thrust would do knees are growing so weak.. your mind is racing...please.. just one hard thrust.. ... suddenly you can't stand it anymore.. you step off the blocks.. impaling yourself down onto the steel cock inside you.. feel the noose tighten once more.. your eyes start to blur.. then you feel it.. feel the tidal wave of pleasure as it starts to crash over you.. then you feel yourself being lifted.. the pressure on your neck is gone.. you feel yourself land on a bed.. feel the hard cock pounding deep inside you.. feel his breath on your neck hands on your shoulders as he drives himself deeper and deeper into you .. over and over.. your bodies shudder in an ultimate climax until he collapses onto you.. as you look down at the man on you.. you reach down.. grab the ski mask .. and pull it off.. and realize that it was my love that had taken you......

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