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Tatiana had been sitting in the same space for what felt like limitless hours. There was no clock, and her phone had no reception, so time had no real meaning. She was in a waiting room of sorts, and she wasn’t completely sure why. There had been talk on the radio of a government required registration for women born on her birthday in the year of her birth, and many other women of her age were seated as well. Tatiana had been born on October 16, 1990, making her 25 years old today. She noticed that it was cold in the room, and that not a single person was speaking.
The first two letters of her last name were called, and she along with several other women stood up, unsure of what to do. Two women dressed as orderlies came in and pointed to the now standing women, and led them down a long corridor. They walked for what felt like 50 meters or so down a long corridor before coming to the elevator. Leaving the waiting room, she noticed that the hall they traveled down was remarkably sterile, clean, glossy and white. It reflected the slightly bluish light above.
The elevator door opened with a puff of air, like it was somehow pneumatic. All of the girls were urged in, and entered with no resistance. The orderlies did not enter the elevator, instead just pressing a floor key and leaving wordlessly. There were about 14 girls in the elevator, and she knew none of them, in spite of them being the same age as her. A girl near the back named Mary was the first to speak.
She simply asked, “Does anyone know why we are here?”
For a few seconds that dragged on like millennia, no-one said a word. There wasn’t a peep, and Mary nervously twirled her auburn hair with her light fingertips. She touched her neck and looked about the elevator during this micro-eternity, and Tatiana looked into her intense blue eyes, seeing both hope and fear.
She replied “I really don’t know. I was simply told to report, and so I did. I’m supposed to be at work today, but I guess it’s like Jury Duty.”
Ever since the more recent chemical attacks, the levels of government strangeness made the patriot act of the bush years seem like a paltry invasion of privacy and civil liberties. There were intense worries of food supplies being contaminated, and incredible shortages of water, petrol and other apparent essentials. In fact, in 2013, the US government instituted a one-c h i l d rule. So, the idea of some kind of mandatory citizens registration, though strange, did not give most cause to panic.
Their conversation was ended by the abrupt opening of the elevator doors. The girls were shocked to see a much less sterile looking area, with bare concrete floors and arc-lighting. Ahead of them was a long corridor, about 3 meters wide, 20 meters long. A light was attached to the ceiling every 4 meters, right in the center of the hallway. Outside the elevator were two orderlies, each with submachine guns unconcealed strapped to their backs.
The two orderlies beckoned down the grey hallway, flanking the 14 girls on their short walk. The orderlies simply told them they were to be examined, and led them to a magnificently secure looking steel door at the end of the hallway. The door appeared to have a number of electronic and mechanical locks, and required a retinal scan from the orderlies in order to start its long opening sequence. There was a whir of machinery and a puff of air. The orderlies then beckoned for the girls to climb into the dark chamber ahead of them, the size of an elevator, but different in some way. All the girls climbed in, the orderlies went ahead with another retinal scan, and the girls were locked in this completely black chamber.
An intense feeling of dread washed over Tatiana, and she let out a slight yelp before the chamber spun with immense force, nearly knocking her off her feet. The door that they had entered the chamber from then opened with a hiss. The first thing that became apparent with the hiss of the door was a smell not dissimilar to that of burning pork. It was faint but clear. Also the smell of iron, perhaps even blood, like a surgical wing was in the air.
The doors opened, and several powerful looking, augmented men and women started shepherding the girls and breaking them into several groups. The augmented men and women didn’t speak, instead merely performing retinal scans on the girls one by one and putting them in two groups of 7. Tatiana and Mary were moved into the same group, and seemed to be slightly comforted by it. Immediately after the girls were put into groups, the augmented orderlies nodded in a strange way, which seemed to trigger an audio recording to play.
“You are all to come with the orderlies, follow them and do not ask any questions, they are not able to answer you.” The voice was disembodied, androgynous and booming. “You are being led into locker rooms; you will disrobe and line up tallest to shortest near the door on the east wall. Deviation will be dealt with harshly by the orderlies. Be warned that the orderlies are authorized to use lethal force if necessary.”
This sent a visible shudder down Tatiana’s spine. Government forces, ever since the institution of the new NATO/NAFTA pact had been increasingly willing to use lethal force. People had been shot in the streets for simple protest, and suspected dissidents and terrorists would simply disappear. The pact had made possible all of this instant identification of citizens through biometrics, and made it far simpler for officials to crack down on perceived threats.
The orderlies lead Tatiana and her 6 compatriots into a locker room, closing the door and leaving the computer to order the women to disrobe. The machine voice instructed them to remove their clothes but leave on their bras and panties. It presented a small locker for each girl to place their belongings, that they could only open and close with a biometric scan.
Tatiana was hesitant to take anything off, but began once she saw Mary unbuttoning her blouse. Mary created an incredible amount of cleavage with each additional button, and it both fascinated and filled Tatiana with envy. Tatiana had worn no bra, because her breasts were augmented for work, and would remain perky with or without. Being topless in front of these six strangers gave her no discomfort, but the situation did.
The seven women then stood in just their undergarments in the room. Names were called, first Mary Chelsea. Mary was instructed to move up to the door. Scanners flashed on and went over her, apparently confirming her identity. She was then instructed to place her hands through two small holes that opened up on the door. She obeyed, and was auto-manacled. The door then opened for a second and she walked through into a dark hallway, augmented orderlies waiting outside. The door closed and a Donna Chen was called to be scanned.
The blue-green scanning beams ran across her chubby body, lighting up her nearly white skin and shining in her eyes. She was instructed to place her hands through the auto-manacler, and she did. Next followed Kathleen Choate, a skinny black girl with short hair and intricate tattoos on her lower back, then Roberta Charles, then Julia Chal, and Marla Cho. Marla allowed the scan, but was unwilling to place her hands in the auto-manacler. The computer warned her twice, and she became more and more visibly irritated, frightened and rabbit like, shaking and sweating profusely.
An orderly then came into the locker room, pistol in hand. He turned to her as the computer voice told Marla that lethal force had been authorized for non-compliance in accordance with the NATO/NAFTA security agreement of 2014. The orderly disabled the safety on the weapon and grabbed Marla, attempting to drag her by the toned bicep over to the manacler. She resisted again, prompting the orderly to raise the weapon to the level of her head, pressing the cold steel against her temple.
Marla struggled against the orderly, beginning to weep noticeably, and the computer warned her once again. 12 seconds after her 2nd warning, the computer simply informed her that the warning was over, and lethal force would be used. The orderly then wrapped his leg behind hers, awkwardly kicking the back of her knee, forcing her to collapse to her knees. Marla’s entire toned swimmers body was quivering and drenched with sweat, as the order placed the barrel of the firearm once again against her head, this time, right in the center of her forehead. It waited for a second, and then pulled the trigger, sending a hollow-point slug directly into Marla’s brain.
Bits of bone and superhot shards of metal ripped their way through Marla’s brain for under a second, destroying all of her memory, personality and motor function, leaving her a lifeless shell. The heart stopped, the bowels and bladder released, and the shards of bullet and bone made their way out the back of her head, leaving a much bigger exit than entrance wound. Her body slumped to the ground, and the orderly dragged her corpse into the hallway from which they came.
The computer voice then ordered Tatiana to approach for Auto-manacling, which she consented to instantly. The harsh blue-green light enveloped her voluptuous form for a few seconds, and then her hands were enclosed in the tight, but not uncomfortable grip of the automanacles.
She then entered the hallway with the other girls. They were led by a series of white lights and vague threats into 3 holding cells, only 2x2 meters each. Tatiana was happy that she would share her cell with Mary, but still terrified after seeing a woman killed right in front of her. When they sat down in the cell, she was immediately asked by Mary what the gunshot was.
Tatiana had trouble getting out the words, but eventually choked out that Marla had resisted, and the orderly had executed her then and there. The computer voice then came on, informing all of the women that they were being held as suspects for possible dissident activity, and were going to be tried all at once, as they are interrogated in the facility. The computer then informed them that it was for their safety and society’s safety, and that if they have nothing to hide, all will be well.
The cell door then opened, and 3 augmented guards dragged out the two girls, pushing them along and staring, primarily at Mary’s ass. They walked quickly, eventually coming into a large circular room with seven slabs. Each slab had some sort of small harness at one end, with enough room to fit a neck inside of it. Rails ran from the neck harnesses up to the ceiling. Marla Chen’s head was poking through one of the harnesses already, with her lifeless body lying on the slab.
The computer voice asked a question to her, regarding the average rainfall in their town, giving her several choices. When it didn’t receive an answer it reminded her that deadly forced was authorized. 12 seconds later, a heavy blade rode down the sharp rails. The blade sliced through Marla’s dead flesh, sending her head to the ground. Then, Mary was called.
Mary was dragged to her slab by the orderlies, but layed down face-up, looking at the ceiling with a certain look of peace. Her breasts lay flat against her chest, spreading slightly and the computer then asked her the same question. She answered with a guess, her heart a-flutter. The computer then moved to another question, about her bus-route. She answered, this time confident, excited at the prospect of the blade, she even started to get wet, feeling dominated by this unfeeling machine. The machine then asked a question about her sister’s husband.
Mary didn’t know why, but she knew telling the machine what she knew would hurt a man who loved and trusted her. So, she said nothing. She pictured the giant blade coming down and ending her life, slicing into her, and it just made her wetter and wetter. She defiantly yelled up, KILL ME! at the machine, and the blade released just like that. She wasn’t fast enough, and the blade dropped her head unceremoniously to the ground before she could come.

(More later)

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