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The Auction
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:06:46 AM »
Auction night at the club never failed to attract an enthusiastic, if somewhat unrestrained, group of the members.

Many of the married members found auctioning their partner as a sexual slave to be a particularly thrilling experience. Bidders greedily took advantage of a chance to buy a friend’s husband or wife, knowing that the pleasure they took from using a fellow member’s spouse sexually in front of everyone was as thrilling for the slave as it was for the audience.

On special nights, however, the auction also included slaves who would provide a special entertainment. On those nights, some slaves, once purchased, provided more than just sexual services. They submitted themselves to public execution.

On this particular evening, four women offered themselves as slaves for auction. Their hands bound, leashed to the ceiling by their necks, they displayed themselves on the stage, entirely naked, all four in a row.

The two middle women, both offered by their husbands, would reward their new masters with sexual service throughout the evening. While both had been members for some time, neither had been previously shown totally naked under the bright stage lights. Both had the reputation of being somewhat modest and reserved.

Bidding would be lively.

The two women on either end, however, offered not only pleasures of their bodies in sexual service to their owner. The lucky high bidder for these two would win the privilege of kicking the short hangman’s stool out from under their naked feet.

At one end of the line, Patti watched the crowd eagerly as men, and women, raised their hands, bidding for the privilege of enjoying her body, then ending her life. There was a lot of oil money in the Texas club’s membership, and they were willing to put it to work in hopes of helping Patti live out a fantasy that she had shared with many of the club’s members. Patti stretched her bound wrists down the small of her back, drawing her shoulders back to display her breasts to their full advantage. She stood with her bare feet shoulder-width apart on the well-lit stage, so that the bidders who had worked their way to the front of the room could look up at her, and enjoy a fine view of her dampening sex.

The leather clad auctioneer smiled at Patti’s display, and moved to the empty space beside her that had been occupied by the two women sold earlier. With a thin, corded cat, he lashed at Patti’s breasts and abdomen. Patti widened her legs, and threw her quivering tits forward, to invite and accept another cracking lash from the auctioneer. The bidding proceeded with vigor and abandon.

At the far end of the stage, Cassidy watched the proceedings with alert, angry eyes. Cassidy was a new member of the club, too new, really, to offer herself for auction and execution, however she purchased her membership by paying special fees that bespoke her commitment – money was not a problem for Cass.

Cassidy’s problem was, in fact, her philandering, tasteless goat of a stockbroker husband, whose money she happily spent to buy her way into the evening’s activities. Cassidy was a dean at local Dallas community college. Cautious, proper, attractive - careful and well educated – Cassidy considered herself a woman scorned, and had arranged for a surreptitious filming of her humiliation and execution. Cass had gone to great pains to insure that images of her slut-like behavior and death would receive the widest attention. “Fuck my husband,” she thought.

Patti had been unbound, and was led from the stage by her new master, a tall, athletic black man wearing a 20X beaver hat, custom boots, and an 11inch erection. Watching, Cassidy then turned to face the auctioneer. “I’ll show him how to pump up the bidding,” she thought as she bent slightly at the knees, while moving her feet apart as widely she could.

“Whip my pussy hard,” Cass told the auctioneer in a clear loud voice, to the approving hoots and applause of the crowd.

Meanwhile, out on the club floor, Patti’s dark master had laid her down, face up, on a table among a crowd of couples. Two husbands exposed their cocks, and positioned themselves so that they could hold Patti’s wrists with her arms extended out from her shoulders, while Patti held their stiff pricks in her hands.

Their wives, smiling, raised their, skirts and threw a leg over each of Patti’s arms, so that by crouching slightly they could masturbate themselves on the smooth skin of Patti’s biceps and elbows. Patti obediently raised her legs so that each of the two women could grab one of her ankles. They pulled Patti’s feet forward, her knees into her chest, exposing her ass and pussy. Her breasts occupied the free hands of the two women.

Patti’s master positioned himself at the foot of the table, and began running the large, dark head of his cock up and down her exposed crotch. First, between her furry, wet pussy lips, then down to the small pink bud of her asshole, where he pushed ever so slightly, before lifting his cock-head back up to slide along Patti’s downy sex.

Patti gasped, and began pumping rhythmically at the cock in either hand. Her master, a true Texas gentleman, pitched his hat to the floor, and leaned forward, putting a large, dark, long-fingered hand around her throat. As he squeezed forcefully with the hand around just below her jaw, he positioned his thick hard-on between Patti’s nether-lips, and grunted as he forced his whole long, large black cock inside her.

Patti gasped and sputtered happily, throwing her head back to expose her neck to his grasp, while heaving away at his huge stiff cock deep insider her. She pleasured the two women with her arms, and stroked away at their husbands, a dick in each hand.

Cassidy, too, was out among the tables of the club, manacled wrist and ankle to the ceiling and floor in and exposed “X” by her winning bidder. His wife, a pleasant gray-haired woman, shed her expensive gown and kneeled in front of Cassidy, protruding her tongue quite a way out of her mouth for all to see, before working up into Cassidy’s vagina. Her smiling husband, Cassidy’s new master watched his wife at work for a moment, then reached out to the table where picked up a slender kabob skewer.

“Well, my dear,” he said, looking directly into Cassidy’s eyes, “What, I wonder, could we do with this?”

Cassidy looked him boldly in the eye, and in a clear, loud voice, said, “Why don’t you push it through one of my breasts?”

“Just the thing, mam,” he agreed. Waiting a moment, so anyone interested could settle in with a good view, he took Cass’s heavy right breast in his hand, and placed the sharp point of the skewer against Cass’s smooth white skin. Though sharp, pushing the skewer through her breast skin took some effort. The skewer point pushed her skin into a deep dimple, before with a very small pop it penetrated to the tissue below. Cassidy flinched in her chains, but never took her eyes from her chest as her master slowly pushed the sharp steel through her. It took another small effort to push the metal all the way through, the point of the spike creating a tent-like cone at the base of the other side of her breast, before it finally broke through the skin.

In the meantime, Patti’s master and his friends had finished with her on the table top, and she was being escorted back to the stage, a muscular woman on each of her arms, her master following behind.

As Patti walked up the stage stairs, she trembled slightly with both fear and arousal as the two nooses came into view, very short stools on the stage floor under both.

The members began settling into their seats again, as Patti moved toward her rope. Patti felt the cool air on the dampness between her legs, and heard her bare feet squeaking slightly on the varnished wood stage as was half walked, half pushed, toward her death.

“Oh, god," Patti thought, “I’m going to die, I have to pee!, I’m going to die.”

At the stool, one of the escorts pulled down on the slack noose, placing it over Patti’s head, pulling the scratchy hemp knot well behind her hear, drawing rope through the knot until the noose wrinkled Patti’s chin below her jaw.

Her heart fluttering, Patti stepped up onto the stool, and then deliberately she turned her back to the audience, crossing her wrists behind her back so that she could be bound. A ripple of applause rewarded her bravado, and she turned again to face the crowd. The slow click, click, click of a ratchet, and the tightening of the noose, told Patti she was being positioned for the slow strangulation of a “no-drop” hanging.

On the other side of the stage, Cassidy walked up the steps with deliberate firmness. She strode across the stage to her rope, her firm naked heels drumming on the stage as she paced toward her death. Her breasts, one still transfixed by the skewer, bounced up and down seductively as she took the noose herself, placing the knot directly behind her head. She turned to the crowd, and stepped up onto her stool.

Standing on her toes, Cassidy looked toward the executioner and said, “Tighten it as much as you can, without lifting my toes all the way.”

The preparations complete, Patti's master moved to her side. Patti felt the excitement so palpably she thought her pounding heart would burst through her chest as he reached out with a foot toward her stool. Boldly, Patti fixed her eyes on his, as the stool [email protected] backwards. Reflexively, She extended her toes as the stool slid away, trying to keep them on the smooth stool top, until suddenly there was nothing below her feet, and she swung forward, the rope tightening around her neck - her legs stiff, toes pointed toward the stage.

“Oh, God here I go,” Patti thought, as her legs waived in circles, and she twisted and wobbled from one side to the other. As she twisted, she saw her master, one of the assistants on her knees in front of him, his hands pulling her head into his crotch as he spurted his cum into her mouth. Patti’s legs came together as her own orgasm took her, and she porpoised back and forth, her dimming vision allowing her one last blurred image of her pee running off her toes onto the dark wood floor as she died.

All eyes turned toward Cassidy, and she started back at the crowd with a slight smile on her face. She had never regarded herself as a sexual object, and she pleasured in the fact that all these people were staring at her, naked on her toes, swaying away with a rope around her neck.

Before her wrists could be bound, she reached up above the gallows-knot, and grasped the rope in both hands. Pulling herself up, she kicked the stool away with a light brush from one toe, and hung there for a moment. Looking out into the crowd, watching them watch her, she opened her hands, and slowly lowered her arms to her sides after the rope jerked into her neck.

The noose rode up into her neck under her jaw, and Cassidy’s face reddened, then purpled, but she kept her legs straight, her arms at her side, to insure that her body faced into the crowd, so that they could enjoy the entire spectacle of her death. She watched them, as long as she could, until even her discipline could not prevent the tremor of an orgasm brought on by her excitement, just before her still open eyes rolled back into her head.

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