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"The New Art Piece"
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:16:27 AM »
"The New Art Piece"

I have written this story. It was inspired by a thread in the poser section "vote for my birthday present". So I borrowed the idea of the readers picking the woman to hang. So after reading the first part, vote by replying. I will then write the second section with your pick. Enjoy!

part 1

George had been working on his new art piece for a long time. He had carefully constructed it out of steel. He had handmade all the parts himself. All the cutting, welding, painting, everything. He named it "dancing maiden". It is basically a pole about 12 feet tall, painted black with a curve at the top. A hoisting system was under a short platform which was about one foot off the ground. All his work was handmade and of the highest quality.

All he needed was one more thing to complete his piece. He needed a volunteer who would be willing to give her all. Since his piece was a gallows. He had advertised a contest for a woman to volunteer to be the first one hanged on his new piece. He had gotten many responses, since he was a famous artist who could have women do just about anything to be part of his art.

"Dancing Maiden" would be no different. It mattered little that in order to be part of his art, you had to give your all. In order to be part of this piece women had to consent to be hanged to death on it. The subject would be slowly lifted off the platform wearing only her noose. She would then slowly strangle to death.

But George had many women willing to volunteer. He had gotten thousands of videos, pictures, letters of women who wanted to be part of his new work. It would be a big job to pick the lucky girl to be the first to hang from the new gallows. But he was working his way though it.

He narrowed it down to the following five women.

Tina, 23. She is tall, over 6 feet. She is a brunette, her hair is long and somewhat curly. She is a experienced gasper as her boyfriend hangs her often for play. She loves the noose and its been a dream of hers to hang to death in one of George's nooses.

Cindy, 19. She is shorter then Tina, has long blond hair. She is thin with natural boobs. She has never done any noose-play, but is excited about hanging for George's piece. She has long wanted to be a part of George's art.

Candy, 20. She is short and more full figured. She has jet black hair and a great smile and big boobs. Like the other girls she has long wanted to be part of George's work. Her friend Karen had been garroted for one of George's pieces two years ago. She has wanted to be part of his work even more after that.

Kim, 18. She is short, thin and finely proportioned. She is the only Asian to make the top 5. She hasn't known about George's art until she saw the contest advertisement. She was so turned on by it that she knew she had to volunteer.

Cream, 21, She a busty African-American. She has curly short hair. She has dreamed of hanging for a number of years. She considers herself a noose nookie. Her husband introduced her to noose-play, and she loves to hang for him. He is a big fan of George's work and encouraged her to volunteer. She was so happy to find out that she made the top five.

Now George would allow his fans to choose which lucky lady would be first to dance on his new gallows piece. He had millions of viewers because of his past shows. He had drowned, electrocuted, garroted, hanged, and even crucified many girls on his many pieces.

end of part 1

So its time to vote for your pick. Hey,,,, any poser artists willing to make pictures of the girls? It would be cool if someone could do that if they have some time. I have no way to make the any art work. thanks and vote.

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