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The Dungeon
« on: March 25, 2009, 05:16:07 AM »
Gale walked down the paneled hallway in her rich old home toward the stairway that led to her basement dungeon.

Gale’s long hours at work earlier in the day had left her in a suitable frame of mind for the pleasures she anticipated finding at the foot of her basement stairs. Gale enjoyed the cut throat nature of financial management. Mergers and Acquisitions particularly appealed to her intellect, and her take-no-prisoners nature. Today, however, had been one of those “when will it ever end?” series of meetings spent mostly in the company of twittering, over-cologned, men.

Oh, how she despised them, as they fiddled with their books and laptops, while surreptitiously watching her in her well fitting skirt and jacket. Glancing about the table, Gale would occasionally catch them staring at her with that transparent hungry desire which dull men think women find seductive. Gale took pleasure in turning her chair away from the table, crossing her fine legs in their view, hanging one of her businesslike high-heels from a toe, enjoying how they troubled themselves with fantasies of her, and themselves, with their paunchy, white, and weak middle-aged bodies, in some office-closet grope that would never happen.

After a day of stuffy meetings, as she descended her basement steps at home, Gale pleasured in the comfortable tightness of a dark red corset, her full, proud mature breasts straining at a favorite leather bra. The cool basement air caressed her naked thighs above her tall boots. Stopping briefly at the mirror on the wall outside the dungeon door, Gale admired her figure. Turning to looking over her shoulder, Gale noticed how the high boot heels helped shape her fine womanly butt, seductively displayed beneath her sheer black panties.

With a happy sigh, she opened the dungeon door.

Gale often lent her various sexual interests and passions to a few of the fraternities and sororities whose houses shared the old neighborhood that surrounded her home. The tamer aspects of Gales’s interests found much opportunity for expression in their rituals and hazings, with the occasional added benefit of this evening’s very private entertainment as a climax to the other, less fulfilling, activities.

While Gale expected nothing from her youthful college minions, she gratefully accepted the opportunity to exercise a free hand with the occasional one or two young adults, whose Greek-house transgressions created problems that could only be solved by one of those unfortunate, “college student gone missing” incidents that crop up in the papers from time to time.

As Gale opened the basement door, she discovered that her help during the last frat-rush had been rewarded earlier in the day by the two no deposit, no return, presents she found in her basement play-room.

On her gallows, a slim naked young man with light brown air shifted his weight from one bare foot to the other, the rope around his neck allowing him to stand flat-footed on the stool only as long as he could tolerate the slight constriction of his noose. His eyes widened as his gaze shifted to Gale, and his unbound hands, which had been clutching at the scratchy hemp of the rope beneath his jaw, moved to cover his genitals.

“What a charming bit of modesty,” Gale thought, taking note of his smooth, almost hairless chest. His subtle, but defined, abdominal muscles displayed nicely as he stretched up on his toes.

“Well,” she cooed, “Aren’t you just adorable?”

Gale took a moment to run her hands over his smooth, tight fanny, noting with pleasure the tightening of his ass muscles. Her hands slid down his lithe legs, and then back up the front of his thighs and belly to his chest, where she pinched his hardening nipples until he cried out in a rasp, “OK, OK, that’s enough, let me down now.”

Gale chuckled with a warm, liquid purr, “Oh, no, my young sir, not even enough, not yet.”

Across the dungeon, on a large-beamed cross laying flat at almost waist height, Gale took note of her other gift. Tied to the cross by each arm above and below his elbows, and at his knees, she found an athletic, quite naked, and clearly annoyed young 20-something blonde, who squirmed against his restraints.

While the brown-haired lad croaking on tip-toe beneath her gallows was a fresh face, Gale well remembered the snotty looking blonde from one of her fraternity initiations. He’d been an arrogant, preening little pre-law whelp, then, and she had enjoyed the hell out of applying the fraternity paddle to his naked behind.

“Let me up, you crazy bitch,” he said, by way of rememberance.

Gale took her time walking to the young man’s side, savoring the fine appearance of his bare young body stretched out on the cross. “Oh, not just yet,” she said, running her hands with deliberate care up the inside of his legs, allowing her fingers to caress their slow way up his thighs, where she cupped his balls, noting the sweatiness where they lay against his hard, muscular legs.

“You’ll want to watch me attend to your brunette friend here first,” she said as she ran her palms up his chest, making sure he had a full view of her breasts in her scant black leather bra, as she leaned into his face, running her hands across his shoulders, and out along his arms.

“You’re nuts, you lunatic cunt,” he grunted, as he rocked back and forth on the cross, trying in vain to pull one arm, then the other, out from underneath the ropes.

Gale smiled at him, patting his cheek, as she brought her face down to within inches from his, “Oh, my little man, the things I’m going to enjoy doing to you.”

“But first,” she said briskly, turning to the brown haired youth with a rope around his neck, staring at her with big, bright eyes, “Let’s get this likely-looking lad’s cock hard, and see what he looks like with his feet a dancing on air.”

Gale walked to the ratchet attached to her gallow’s rope, and tightened the noose by four slow, measured clicks, watching carefully as the rope bit into the young man’s neck, to insure that he could, by standing on the balls of his feet, get enough air through his rasping throat to stay alert. On his toes, he spun, slightly, and swayed from one side to the other, his fingers trying to work their way between the rope and his throat, as Gale stood in front of him.

While he teetered on the stool, Gale brought her face in front of the anguished young man’s crotch. She reached through, between his legs, and drew her perfectly manicured red fingernails down the crack of his ass. Cupping his balls in her palm, she looked up into his reddening face and watched, insuring that she had adjusted his rope perfectly.

“That’s just right,” she observed, as she reached down just below her waist to run her cool hand down the gasping lad’s calf and slender foot. Gale paused, her thumb on top of the bridge of his foot, her fingers lingering on the smooth skin of his instep, before she slid her hand down, cradling the toes in her fingers, forcing him, gasping and spluttering, to bear his whole weight on his other set of toes. Gale took her time, admiring the look and feel of the youthful foot she held in her hand, while the brown-haired pledge snorted desperately, spraying Gale’s head with a fine mist, as his heaving lungs tried to expel their stale air through his noose-crushed air pipe.

“Couldn’t be better” she observed, as she released his foot, and moved to a table midway between her gallows, and her cross, adorned with the writing blonde jock. Gale selected a well-sized red-colored butt plug, and [email protected] a short length of hemp cord around her neck, before returning to the smooth skinned frat-boy on tip-toes beneath her gallows.

She worked her tongue around the plug as she approached the fine, firm ass. Grasping his wobbling hip with one hand, Gale put the dull point of the butt plug against his tender pinkish-brown ass hole, and pushed it firmly in.

“Yowp,” he bawled through his noose-constricted throat, bringing both his hands to the defense of his violated ass. “Never fails,” observed Gale as she knotted a well-practiced loop around one of the young man’s wrists, then quickly brought the other one across the first, firmly binding his hands behind his back.

Moving around in front of the now frantic student, Gale positioned herself with her face squarely in front of the swaying crotch. Raising her eyes to focus on the purpling face above her noose, Gale began to gently kiss the smooth flawless skin around his now hardening cock. Brushing her leather clad breasts along his legs, she kissed his navel, and ran her tongue through the pubic hair above his dick, first down one thigh, and then the other.

Though his wrists worked against their bonds, the youth moaned, and worked his dick toward Gale’s face, a small dew of pre-cum decorating the tip.

“Just about ready,” Gale sighed, grasping one of his feet with her hand. With a firm grip on an ankle, she pulled the foot into her panty-clad crotch, knowing that he could feel her wetness through the fabric. At the same time, she brought her mouth so close to his struggling cock that he could feel her breath on his skin, and he rewarded her by rhythmic efforts to fuck her face, even though balanced on one foot, with the other clasped firmly into Rox’s grinding pussy, he was teetering precariously on the stool with only one foot, and the rope around his neck, for support.

When his raspy breathing came in staccato bursts, Gale ran her tongue slowly up the exposed bottom of his now rigid and upright cock, then kicked his stool away, while clutching a sawing foot into her cunt.

Steadying his hip with one hand, as the stool clattered to the floor, Gale felt his sperm lash into her face, while her own orgasm engulfed her, the warm woman-cum drenching her panty, and flowing over the toes of the foot she crushed into her sex with her other hand.

The quivering foot stilled with the last convulsions of Gale’s orgasm, and she turned her sperm-splashed face toward the stunned gaze of the blonde roped to her cross.

“Well,” she sighed with a deep breath, “wasn’t that fun,” she said as she turned toward the blonde.

“Stay the hell away from me, stay away, you nut-case.”

Walking toward the wide-eyed youth, tied on his back to the cross, now struggling again against his bonds, Gale swung herself up. She placed a knee on the pads next to the cross on either side of his heaving chest, and brought her dripping face down toward his. “Put that tongue to some good use, and lick me clean,” she commanded.

Pulling against his arm ropes, the young man gathered himself, and spit in her face.

“Like hell I will, bitch.”

Gale smiled, letting herself down from the leather cushions mounted to the sides of the cross.

She leaned against the cross-frame, and slowly unzipped first one thigh-high red boot, then the other. Lingering over each movement, she pulled the boots off, flexing her ankles, and her mature, but pretty, red toe nailed feet. Standing away from the cross, she hooked her thumbs in the waist of her panties, and with slow deliberation, she pushed them down her thighs, past her calves to the floor. Seductively, she raised one shapely foot, then the other, from the garment. Gale reached toward the floor, making a purposeful display of her full, round ass as she bent over to pick up the fine silk and lace, still wet with her cum.

Using her damp undergarment, Gale carefully wiped her first victim’s semen from her face, and then carefully arranged the wet and pungent panties across the young blonde man’s neck – much to his cringing displeasure.

Turning once again to the table, Gale selected a very slender spike, perhaps four or five inches long, that had been driven through a small rectangular block of wood, and a small metal mallet. Returning to her victim, lying bound on his cross, Gale once again mounted the cushions. Facing the writhing student’s feet, she placed a knee on the cushions to each side of his upper chest. With well rehearsed skill, she cupped the back of the young man’s head with the soles of her bare feet, bringing her naked and exposed pussy down to just inches above his startled face.

In a burst of boldness and bravado, the youth reached out with his tongue to impart what he thought would be a defiant lick to the pink opening that winked between Gale’s flower-like labia. He was somewhat discomforted by the sharp, breathtaking pain brought on by Gale driving the spike through his scrotum between his testicles, her measured tap with the mallet sending the spike through his wrinkled ball-sack skin into the rough wooden cross.

His already opened mouth howled with shock and pain, the cries turning to a spluttering gargle as Gale pi$$ed into his face, his eyes and his mouth with drawn out skill.

“Oh, God, my balls, Oh God, my balls,” he wailed wetly, the golden urine burning in his eyes, his nostrils and his throat.

Gale, retrieving her now thoroughly soaked panties from his neck, snorted and said, “Not your balls, my little stud, I’ll have need of those latter. Just a little loose skin in between.”

Pulling his thighs apart slightly to be sure of her work, Gale turned to the head of the cross, and arched her eyebrows. “You squeal like a little girl, I’ve been to sorority rushes where a dozen girls took piercings with spikes bigger than yours without all that silly noise.” Moving to his head, she stuffed the sopping wet red cloth into his open mouth.

With her hands on her hips, her shapely bare feet spread shoulder width apart on the floor, Gale nodded. “Now then, that should hold you until I decide to give you another chance to please me.”

“First, let’s get these other spikes in, and get those ropes off.”

Gale took pleasure in the gurgling sounds that came out from around her wet underpants, as she went to the table and returned with three more spikes driven through their little wooden blocks.

“We’ll leave those balls nailed down while I do your feet,” she advised, moving to the foot of the cross. She was pleased to notice how well groomed and formed his feet were, “Spending the family fortune on pedicures, I see,” she thought, “Still, a nice pair of manly feet.” Gale caressed each foot, running her tongue up the instep of each as the young man tried to ease the pain in his crotch by laying as still as possible.

“Still, not so attractive as to not benefit from a little jewelry,” she said out loud as she placed one foot over the other against the beam of wood. A well skilled blow drove the bright slender spike through both feet – Gale followed up with another mallet stroke to be sure the block was secure against the top-most foot, and then lightly kissed the writhing frat-rat’s toes as she stood back to admire her work.

As he tossed his head back and forth, screaming into her wet panties, Gale moved to the head of the cross with her two remaining spikes and the mallet. Smiling, she went first to one hand, then the other, driving the spikes through his palms into the stout wood, tapping them to insure the wood blocks were firm against his skin.

Gale untied the ropes around his arms, and then moved to his thighs, splayed as wide as the nail through his feet would permit, as he tried to lessen the pain of the spike through his scrotum. As he rolled his eyes, Gale rocked the ball-spike back and forth enough to pull it from it’s shallow hold on the beam.

Observing his flaccid cock, Gale sighed, and laid a hand on his heaving chest. She pointed to his limp dick, and said, “That just won’t do, you know, we’ll need to do something about that to finish properly.”

Reaching between her breasts, Gale opened the clasp on her bra, exposing her finely veined, heavy breasts, with their hard, erect nipples. Laying across his thigh, she lowered her mouth to his cock, and with slow, slurping abandon, she attentively tongued his cock into a bone-hard erection.

“Much better,” she said, stoking the wet, hard cock as she straddled the cross, a knee on each cushion. Moving the head of his penis back and forth between the lips of her pussy, she settled herself on him, and, looking fully into his widening eyes, she said, “Now, you get to stick your tongue down my throat.”

Grinding herself down onto his cock, Gale put both her hands on his neck, just below his jaw, and began to squeeze, at the same time moving her face to his, and removing her panties from his mouth with her teeth. As her strong, feminine hands tightened their grip around his throat, he snorted into her face as his own grew purple and swollen. Gale opened her lips, and engulfed his open mouth with her own, darting her moist tongue around his stiff one, as it protruded into her mouth, his eyes rolling back into his head, as she felt his come spurt again and again into her own convulsing sex.

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