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Author Topic: Grandma Dearest by Rachael  (Read 1545 times)

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Grandma Dearest by Rachael
« on: March 15, 2009, 02:36:07 PM »
Grandma Dearest by Rachael

Grandma Dearest

I already had a good relationship with my grandson, Jason, before my husband died. The boy helped me all the time with household chores such as clearing dishes from the table, mowing the grass, and running errands for me. He spent lots of time with me in the nursing home and stood next to me at the funeral, along with his mother.

My husband, Steve, had been ill for several years with a terminal disease. For years before his end, he was incapable of sexual activity and I was without cock for a long time. With the constant monitoring of his condition and consultations with doctors, I didn't have to time or the inclination to seek other means of gratification, except for occasional episodes with a dildo.

Still in my early fifties, I was in good shape and attracted stares from men wherever I went. I still had firm breasts, a reasonable fanny, and was quite slender for my age. I had been through such turmoil during Steve's illness that his final demise was actually a relief for me. I had long resigned myself to his end and determined to get on with my life once it was final.

I appreciated Jason and his help because without his kindness everything would have been harder to face. Here was a young boy, nearly sixteen, who not only pursued an active regimen of exercise and weight training, but still found time to help his grandmother.

My daughter played a role in her support through the nursing home vigil and during the funeral. She was determined to stay with me afterwards to help me in my grief. But, the truth was that I didn't need much support after it was over. On the third day, she came to me and announced, "Mom, I need to get back to work, but I can leave Jason here until next week."

My neglected pussy twitched at the news that I would have Jason near me for a whole week. It was then that I started hatching my plot for getting him in bed with me. I had been without cock for too long and I had to determine the best approach for seducing him "Yes, I understand, Susan," I said calmly, scarcely able to conceal my joy, "you go and I'll be all right with Jason's help."

The first night that I was alone in the house with Jason I lay in my own bed with my loins aching. It was unbearable to think that he had the tool I needed to fix my problem and that he was as close as the next room. I had to satisfy my needy pussy with my fingers several times before I was able to sleep.

We spent the next afternoon at the pool talking about his future plans. As we sat there I couldn't help but notice that Jason had a sizeable bulge under his swimming trunks. My pussy itched as soon as I glanced at it and I had to jump in the pool before I gave my desires away.

I was wearing a swimsuit tight enough to show off my figure, but without making it too obvious that I was allowing Jason a preview of my assets. I merely wanted him to see the soft skin and curves of a woman. I caught him casting his eyes my way more than once as I climbed out of the pool with the wet fabric of my suit outlining my pussy mound or the twin cheeks of my ass.

The weather that night became a willing pawn in my plot. I couldn't have asked for a better excuse than the forecast of a thunderstorm to execute my plan. That night I chose my sheerest nightgown and lay awake waiting for the storm to roll in. Jason and I had already been in bed for an hour before the celestial fireworks began. I was hoping that, unlike I, he was asleep because I needed the element of surprise on my side.

A few minutes after the storm began and the skies were alive with the bursts of lightning, I crept into Jason's room and climbed in bed with him. As I snuggled up to his back and placed a hand on his muscular chest, he stirred and asked, "What's up, Grandma?"

"Nothing, Jason," I lied, "the storm is scary is all."

"Okay, Grandma, I'll protect you," he laughed, plumping up his pillow.

As the sky was ablaze with lightning bolts crashing down to Earth, I snuggled even closer to Jason, aware that my breasts and hot pussy were pressing against his back and buttocks. He was wearing only shorts in bed, so I was sure that he could feel the smooth curves of my body as I lay against him. I hoped so, anyway.

The storm lasted fifteen minutes and I huddled against Jason every minute. When the thunder rumbled in the distance, I executed the second part of my plan. I moved my hand down his chest until it dipped into his shorts. My efforts were rewarded when I grasped Jason's firm piece of cock meat in my hand. He turned onto his side, mumbling, "Should you be doing that, Grandma?"

"Probably not, Jason," I gasped, stroking him gently, "but I need some cock and you have what it takes to put out the fire in my pussy."

As Jason rolled over more, I covered his mouth with mine and kissed him with lots of tongue like a horny schoolgirl with sex on her mind. He didn't resist my kiss or my drawing his hand to my breast. I shucked one strap of my nightgown off my shoulder and let him feel my bare tit. He moaned as we lay there tangled in a passionate kiss.

I rolled over onto my back and carried Jason along with me. I spread my legs wide open and guided his meat to my wet pussy pad. I was well lubricated, so his cock plunged into my well easily. I gasped like a bitch in heat when I drew him into me by his firm buttocks.

Jason took to pussy like a duckling takes to water. Within a few minutes he was humping me like an awkward young boy. I held onto his ass cheeks as I guided him up and down while he drove his cock into me and made my pussy feel good. But, as with most inexperienced young boys, he came too quickly. Our first fucking session ended abruptly when he yelled, "I'm going to shoot it, I'm going to shoot."

Not knowing what else to do and not being trained in pleasing a woman, Jason tried pulling out of me but I held him fast. "Shoot it in me, Jason. You can't get me pregnant. I want it. Give it to me."

I locked my mouth onto his in a deep kiss as his cock pulsed and throbbed inside of me. I managed to come too while my pussy drank of the cock nectar it had been deprived of for so long. Afterwards, we lay still without saying anything until I stood up and threw my nightgown off. I walked naked to the bathroom, feeling no shame at being nude in front of Jason or over what we had just done.

I saw our incest as a chance to satisfy my bodily needs with someone I loved. I'm not sure if Jason viewed our sex as anything other than a way to vent his raging hormones. But, it didn't make any difference. We had clung together in carnal knowledge as any couple would do. It was too late now. I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and returned to the bed with a wet washcloth.

After I washed Jason's cock off, I went down on it with my mouth. I missed this part of sex too; sucking on my man's meat. I worked that dear boy up hard and stiff before I mounted his cock. My pussy became so wet as I bumped my ass up and down on Jason's pole that it made sucking noises. As I rode him I introduced him to slow fucking and the magical moments of a woman's orgasm.

We talked briefly about our experience. He thanked me for introducing him to sex and we agreed that it would be better if he didn't call me "Grandma" while we were engaging in sex. I curled up against his muscular back and we fell asleep. I felt that he should just use my real name, Lydia.

When I awoke in the morning, Jason was laying up against my back with his hard prick pressing into my butt and one hand on my breast. I was horny again, but I just lay there until he woke up. I rolled over on my side and trapped Jason's cock between my legs. I kissed him gently on the lips, "Do you want some pussy this morning, Jason," I asked?

"Uh uh," he said sleepily, as he felt my bare ass.

We kissed for a minute or two while I stroked his cock with my hand. Then, I climbed up on my hands and knees giving Jason a look at my pussy from behind. "Just put it between my legs and I'm sure you'll find the right spot," I said, pushing my hips back at him.

Jason seemed more confident after our first sexual episode as he raised his meat to my waiting cunt. I felt him searching for my hole for a few seconds before he grabbed my hips and pushed into me. I gasped as Jason slowly slid his cock into my hungry pussy. It was just what I needed. It was what I had been without for so long and I loved it.

I flexed my cunt muscles around Jason's cock as he fucked me in a comfortable rhythm. It felt so good to have a prick inside of me again. I hugged a pillow and enjoyed his cock thrusting in and out of me. I came just as his cock erupted and flooded my pussy with streams of hot semen. My cunt involuntarily opened and closed around his cock as I climaxed. It seemed so right to become lost in an orgasm which shook me to the core.

I smiled a little wicked smile as Jason fucked me a second time. Not only had I awakened my own sexual desires, but his as well. In the next fifteen minutes or so I came three times before my young lover again catapulted over the edge and drenched my vagina with his creamy effluence. When Jason finally withdrew his cock from my pussy, my inner thighs became wet as our commingled juices oozed out of my freshly-fucked hole. We lay together for a while before getting up and doing some work.

Over the next few days we tackled the task of carting away Steve's clothes and doing some cleaning duties that I had neglected for some time. We always stopped in the early afternoon for a sex break and Jason willingly became my "fuck-bunny". We fucked on furniture all over the house, in the car, and by the pool. I gave Jason everything because I wanted it too. I showed him what a pussy was for. And, he became quite familiar with my clit.

The sex was always spontaneous, but mostly initiated by me. As the week wore on Jason grew bolder about acting on his desires. He once came up behind me when I was wearing only panties and bending over looking for something under the sink. "I'm right behind you, Lydia," he said, brushing his cock against my mound.

As I waited, Jason slipped my panties down and pushed his hard prick into my pussy. He took me like a man instead of a young boy while I leaned over the kitchen counter. I relished the attention as he fucked me hard. In one week I had grown used to him groaning, "Oh, yeah, I'm coming," as his cock throbbed inside of me.

The days slipped by quickly until the end was threatening to nip our newly-found liaison in the bud. Two nights before my daughter was to return to pick Jason up, I phoned her. It was a unique situation since Jason and I were already in bed. We were nude and he had one of my nipples in his mouth when his mother answered the phone. "Dear," I started, "can you do without Jason for another week or two? He's being such a big help to me."

Jason lips broke into a smile around my tit as I talked to my daughter. She asked about clothes and I answered, "Oh, he's got enough clothes. I can always buy some if he needs more."

Jason was giggling when I hung up the phone. We had a two week reprieve. "Oh, Lydia, that was way too cool," he laughed.

I laughed, but I was serious when I answered, "Jason, it is true. You have been a big help. My pussy hasn't felt this good in years."

I made sure Jason's head was neatly tucked between my legs and he was licking my pussy before I went down on his cock. I loved sucking his young potent meat. And, as I sucked on his dick I hoped that it would be another night of hot sex.

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