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Miss Electropulse
« on: March 25, 2009, 04:36:04 AM »
Marlene looked around the room and felt a shiver of anticipation run through her body. This was the big one. The biggest collection of slaughtering equipment ever put together under one roof was being displayed to a who’s who of abattoir operators and meat processors. Recent amendments to the laws governing the meat lottery gave volunteers’ families increased payments for their meat and, most importantly, allowed the volunteers to choose the method of their slaughter and processing. This in turn had spawned an industry dedicated to providing the kind of high quality death experience which, until now, was the domain only of those rich enough to afford the expensive privately operated abattoirs.

When a meat girl received her notification she had 30 days to report to an authorised processing plant for conversion. The manner of slaughter and processing was up to the processor who “owned” the meat girl from the moment she entered the building. She may die quickly and painlessly, stunned with an electro-stunner then hung up with a slit throat to bleed out. In other plants she may be slowly strangled on a crude gallows, have her throat slit without being stunned first or even be gutted, spitted and roasted alive. Worse still, she may be sold as a live roaster to amateur chefs and subjected to all sorts of indignities before finally dying slowly and painfully in a botched attempt at live spitting.

No wonder, then, that the new laws had dramatically increased the number of volunteers but these volunteers would not settle for second-best treatment. They demanded clean and pleasant surroundings and a wide variety of slaughtering options and the new abattoirs competed to offer them the best facilities. The old favourites like the guillotine, gallows and axe and block were still popular of course and some volunteers actually wanted to be cooked alive but the real growth in the private slaughtering industry was in boutique abattoirs offering luxury surroundings and imaginative, even pleasurable slaughter options tailored to the volunteer’s preferences. The latest device in this market was the Electropulse Spa. It looked and functioned like any other luxury spa letting the user soak in warm scented water caressed by individually controllable massage jets but it had one important extra feature. Once the occupants were ready a switch could trigger a massive electrical pulse, actually three pulses in quick succession delivering an instantaneous and completely painless death.

Marlene had beaten over two dozen eager applicants to be the face and body of the company’s promotional campaign. At age 28 just under 6’tall with a pretty face, full but well-toned physique, long black hair and smooth brown skin she could have been an elite athlete but she had opted for a modelling career which had been reasonably but not spectacularly successful. Now, with younger, thinner models being more fashionable the work was starting to dry up. Marlene had never wanted to grow old and had planned to volunteer for conversion as soon as her modelling career was over. When Electropulse advertised for spokesmodels she jumped at the chance to wind up her career with a spectacular finale. Of course she was not the only applicant but her striking looks, engaging personality and impeccable speaking skills gave her the edge over the younger applicants. A few hundred other pretty girls would be converted in various ways during the expo but Marlene would be the first to demonstrate the Electropulse and her face and body would appear on all the Company’s promotional material.

She glanced at her watch. It was 9.30 and the “Electropulse” launch was scheduled for 10.30am, time to prepare for her big moment. She moved quickly to the door at the side of the main stage and along the passageway to her dressing room. Her makeup and hair had already been done so all she had to do was take off her clothes and she was ready. She studied herself in the mirror and nodded approvingly. Her body was tight and toned and her skin glowed with a soft golden tan from her recent tropical holiday. In the excitement of the moment her nipples hardened. A thrill ran through her and she shivered deliciously as it reminded her of the electric current which would soon end her life.

Scorning the robe which hung behind the door she walked naked through the passage to the stage door and onto the curtained stage. The huge 25 person Electropulse spa was filled with warm, scented slightly saline water and the T.V. cameras were in place but unmanned. As Marlene had requested the area was softly lit and empty and now she tied her hair up and checked the safety switches before slipping into the water, sitting on one of the spa seats and starting up the jets. Relaxing in the warm water she enjoyed the massaging effect, spreading her legs a little and positioning herself just right to let the jets hit her pussy and breasts, feeling her nipples harden further and her clitoris swelling in response. Beyond the curtain she could hear the "Electrocuties" cheerleaders warming up the crowd then Larry, the company’s Managing Director, started his introductory spiel. The technical jargon about voltage, amperage conductivity etc went over her head but she glanced sideways at the three large copper plates set into end walls of the spa and, again, felt that shiver of anticipation. Lazily, she stroked her pussy, feeling the familiar tingles of pleasure shoot through her body. In her excited state the combination of the warm water, the massaging jets and her skilful fingers quickly tipped her over the edge and she jammed her fingers into her mouth to stifle her yelps as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Spent and totally relaxed she closed her eyes and let her mind drift.

A small bell chimed and snapped her out of her reverie. The stage lights came on and the cameramen took up their positions. She chatted amiably with them as they checked and rechecked their positions and focus and obligingly signed promotional brochures and photos for them then the bell chimed again. Showtime. The curtain was sliding back. The Electrocuties formed an honour guard and she waited until the buzz of conversion and curious stares settled down before standing up, walking slowly up the spa steps, stepping into her waiting high-heeled sandals and walking slowly and sinuously towards Larry and the waiting microphone. Her hair cascaded over her wet shoulders and beads of water on her golden skin sparkled like diamonds under the harsh stage lighting. A variety of theatrical costumes had been suggested for this moment but she had wanted to be nude and had finally won the board over. Looking at the crowd now she knew her instincts had been right and, utterly confident in her nudity, she posed proudly and provocatively, mesmerising every male and a fair proportion of the females in the audience. Larry greeted her with a hug, ignoring the dark patches her wet skin left on his designer suit then turned to the audience. “Ladies and gentlemen” he bellowed “please welcome a very special lady, Marlene Mitchell, Miss Electropulse”

He stepped aside and Marlene smiled into the flashing cameras and waited for the applause to die down before taking the microphone out of its stand and addressing the audience. “Thank you, Larry” she said “and thank you ladies and gentlemen for that warm welcome. Larry has told you all about the technical side of this machine and now I am going to give you a practical demonstration. Afterwards I hope you will stay for dinner where I and a couple of my colleagues here will make a second appearance on your plates.” She gestured towards the Electrocuties then turned and walked back to the spa. “You will notice that I am wet. That is because dry human skin is not particularly conductive so I have been soaking in the spa for the past 20 minutes or so letting my skin absorb plenty of water. A shower would do it but, hey, with a spa like this why not let a girl indulge herself? This high water content will let the current pass quickly and easily through my skin into my muscles and internal organs which are very conductive and, most importantly, it will enter and instantly destroy all my nerves. Nerves transmit pain and control movement so destroying them quickly and totally means no pain and none of that undignified spasmodic jerking you see when girls are beheaded or hanged. It is just like a power spike burning out a computer. Death is quick, easy and totally painless. Additionally, once I am in the water I will open my mouth exposing the mucous membranes there so the current has a nice direct route into my brain." she flashed a quick smile and added "The quicker the hard drive gets erased the better. Of course you could just jump into the spa, hit the switch and it's all over but dying is a once-only experience and I think it is worth doing everything properly to get the quickest and best result.

Now Marlene stepped up onto the platform around the spa and walked around to one end to a low semicircular black metal hump. Unsnapping a catch she raised the top panel exposing a tightly wound gleaming copper wire coil. “Here is the coil Larry told you about” she said. “It works exactly like the coil in a car’s engine, storing power then releasing it in a short, high voltage pulse which passes through these electrodes” she pointed at the copper plates set in the end wall. “The charge shoots through the water and anyone in it, then to earth through the earth electrodes in the far end. There are three coils and when they are triggered they fire one pulse each half a second apart. On full power I would be killed and cooked as well but there are sensors in the spa which measure the number of people in it and modulate the power accordingly. One pulse would be enough but a volunteer deserves certainty and three pulses makes absolutely sure. This is, without a doubt, the quickest, easiest and most pleasant means of conversion possible. How quick is it? Well, electricity travels through water at the speed of light so the time it takes to pass through this pool is so short it cannot be measured. In a few minutes you will see it in action. The current will flow through my body and burn out my entire nervous system so quickly that I won’t feel a thing. Lights out, just like that. She snapped her fingers then paused and looked around. “If you have any questions ask Larry afterwards and he will be happy to answer them, now, that is enough talk, let's have some action."

Marlene stepped up to a metal plate set into the end of the spa. “This is the trigger” she said “and I will now arm it.” She reached under the plate and pulled out a metal split pin with a red tag attached to it. Next she kicked off her sandals and stepped barefoot onto the plate and the audience heard a sharp click as it settled under her weight. “Normally”, she said “you would just have a simple timer switch but this way is a bit more dramatic. This pool is about five feet deep in the centre and 20 across. This is our party pool and it can hold up to 25 people. You can make an occasion of it, gather a group of friends, have a party, enjoy the spa then just set the timer, relax and it's all over before you know it. We will even set it up at your home and have a refrigerated van there ready to take you away afterwards for processing. On your own you would probably have a good meal followed by a long luxurious soak in the spa followed by a quick and easy exit. By the way, if any of you wants to try it out we have volunteer forms here. Just see Larry and he will organise it for you.

For this demonstration I am going to do a shallow dive. When my weight comes off this trigger plate it will start a timer which will fire the coils after 2 seconds. I will enter the water alive and I will surface dead without a mark on my body. It will all be over very quickly so make sure you watch closely as I will only do this once”. A nervous giggle ran around the audience. When it subsided Larry stepped forward. "Thank you Marlene" he said. "Now, ladies and gentlemen how about a big round of applause for Marlene before she leaves us?" The huge hall erupted with cheers and encouraging applause. When it started to subside Marlene raised her arms theatrically and a hush fell over the room. She stretched up on her tiptoes, proudly displaying her magnificent body then she crouched low and kicked off into a shallow racing dive.

Her nude body sliced cleanly into the water and, in the instant she submerged she opened her mouth and swept her arms back against her sides, arrowing back towards the surface. She had practised this a couple of dozen times in rehearsals and now it was her last conscious act. A red light on the pool edge blinked rapidly three times as the coils fired. There was no sound but under the surface the invisible and overwhelming bursts of pure energy surged through Marlene’s body. She felt nothing as the current seared through her nerves and brain and instantly erased every shred of awareness. She slipped quietly and easily into oblivion and her body floated to the surface and lay still, face down, drifting slowly under the momentum of her dive with her limbs dangling limply in the water. The crowd was hushed, momentarily stunned by the swiftness of it all. Marlene had gone from a vibrant, beautiful woman to a piece of meat in the space of a couple of heartbeats. Machinery whirred and a sieve-like platform rose from the pool base, lifting Marlene’s body up to the level of the pool deck. A Doctor rolled her over onto her back, pressed a stethoscope between her breasts and listened carefully before nodding and confirming she was dead. Several potential purchasers were invited to inspect Marlene’s body. Her face was serene and her skin unblemished and it was obvious her death had been as quick and painless as the Company had promised. The curtain fell again and the chefs’ assistants carried Marlene away to the kitchen to prepare her for the banquet.

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